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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today was the best day yet!

You know, the girls are loving Disneyland. This land-o-the-mouse thing is just up their alley. But what we didn't expect is that they're LOVING this hotel. They love the elevators, the halls, the breakfast room, our kid-friendly suite, the whole shebang. Ro made us laugh tonight when she bolted out of the elevator before us, ran to a door and said "Dis one!" And she was only one door off. Funny. Today we had a plan: we would pack up, head down to breakfast, then go straight to the park and head for Mickey's house so we could get a pic with him before the line built up to monumental proportions. TubaDad complained that it wasn't much of a plan since we only had one thing on it, he thought we should change and embellish as we walked through the park. Negative! As we raced to Mickey's house I panted "that's our plan, and we're at least going to do that one thing before we figure out what else to do." This (possibly narrowminded) determination paid off -- we got to Mickey's, strolled happily through his abode, then waited a scant 4 minutes before getting to meet the mega mouse himself. The girls were star struck. They didn't want to leave and we finally had to pull them away to give the other poor kids a shot (not before Ro planted a few smooches on his nose though). Cute-a-licious! Later, Ro bumped her head in Goofy's tunnel and was making a big production of it. And Ree (correctly and matter of factly) said "RoRo fake cwhy." Hee! The girls had such a busy day that we actually got them to conk out and nap at the park. In The Stroller. (!!!) We put a little blanket over the stroller, and walked around and around the main street circle until we knocked them out. (I swear I heard the sound of angels singing La La LA!) Whahooooo. Parked the stroller and TubaDad on a nice comfy bench in the shade, grabbed a credit card, and it was shoppin' time! Played around a bit more, had a snack of pickles and banana (two of the girls' faves, not mine) and then it was time to meet some really cool folks I've only known through blogs or email. Yeah! Catharine, Shelley, Kristin, Karen, Teresa, Amy, and Mary, (and all of their awesome families) just made our day. It was so nice to hang out with everyone, talk, hug, and see all the cool kids. I wish we could have spent even more time talking. I didn't get many pics because our D70 camera was dropped and it's not functioning properly any longer, (cough, cough, I won't mention who dropped it...) but I did get a couple. Thank you to everyone for making the trek to see us -- what a fun evening! Hope to see y'all again soon. Here are a few pics from today, either view them all on one page or in a slideshow. (Oh, in the pics, the girls are wearing the custom Minnie Mouse dresses my mom sewed for the girls) Fun, fun day. TubaDad and I have decided that we're just not 2-day travelers. We need to make sure we only take trips of at least 4 days. The first day all four of us are a little off kilter, the second day we're kinda hitting our stride, and the third day? Well the third day always ROCKS. So we need to have another day just to really hit that trip out of the park. Ahhhhh. Fourth day at Disneyland here we come!