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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Toon Town quite a hit with the toddler crowd

Whew, the kids are asleep for the night now and I'm kinda beat... I guess we did go go go today. So no wonder. The first thing Ro said when I came in to get them up this morning was "Mee Moss!!!" (Mickey Mouse). Heh. I guess she's enjoying herself here. I wasn't kidding about running through the hallsI wasn't kidding about letting them run through the halls to their hearts' content. They truly think this is some wild fun. Ro likes to hold her sippy cup with her teeth so she can throw both arms out and sprint with total abandon. And Ree holds her arms straight back behind her like a downhill skier. Funny kids. Anyhow, this is how we began our day. Eating breakfast at the hotel, which has kiddie seatingThen it was downstairs for some breakfast in the little cafe, which has cute kiddie tables and chairs. The girls weren't behaving well at all, so this wasn't super fun. I'm guessing we'll all enjoy it alot more tomorrow. If not, it's Cheerios and water in the hotel room Monday morning, haha. Halloween at Disney family pictureWhen we got to the park, TubaDad just had to go up and talk to the Disneyland tuba player, and then we had one of the friendly "cast members" take our picture by the massive Mickey jack'o'lantern. That thing is awesome! We spent most of our park-time today in Toon Town. The girls were fascinated with Mickey and Minnie and Goofy's houses. They inspected every single thing (over and over). And now Ro keeps announcing loudly that Mickey and Minnie have TWO houses. As if she's surprised they're not shacked up or something? Hee! Anyhow, Ro and Ree both told us tonight they want to go back there tomorrow. Okey dokey. Here are a few more pics from the day. I'd write more but my pillow is singing a siren song. View them all on one page or in a slideshow (click "i" for captions): PS: Happy birthday mom! We got little "If I'm lost call xxx" anklets for the girlsPSPS: When did Disneyland get so crowded? Holy moly I've never seen such a crush of people. We haven't lost the girls yet, but it could happen so easily. We got them each a little anklet that says "If I'm lost call xxx" and we taught them that if they need help they're supposed to point to that anklet and say "call daddy!" Oh, and Ree's anklet is yellow and Ro's is pink, of course -- have to be fashionable as well as practical.