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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who taught them how to say Trick or Treat?!

I'm guessing it was Wela! Whoever was responsible, for the last few days now the girls have been tickled pink as they put out their little hands, yell "Twick Tweat!!!!" and then scream with laughter. It is purdy darn cute, though. I'm guessing they're going to get quite a haul on Halloween (mmmm, tons 'o confiscated candy for me and TubaDad!). Oh, and I just had to put them in these little shirts one more time -- the girls wore them last Halloween, when they were tiny one-year-olds and we were flying from Wuhan to Guangzhou. They're a little (ahem) "snug" in the belly, and we had to slit the seams on the sleeves to avoid cutting off vital blood flow, but hey -- still adorable. My mom is going to cry like a baby when she sees the girls in them. Happy Halloween everyone, now I'm off to see if gold spray paint will stick to sippy cups. Yeah, for their costumes.