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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Better. Much, much better.

I'll post a real update tonight after the girls go to bed (computer time when they're awake is a risky proposition at best -- something ends up dismantled or someone ends up naked), but I think preschool this morning could be considered a modest success. Quick Update: This is going to be a short one because I'm pooped. But I did want to let everyone know that the girls actually did ok in preschool this morning. The teachers and administrators were so gentle and caring. As one example, Ro fell asleep on one teacher's lap during outside playtime (I blame the Benadryl I had given her earlier for a sniffly nose) and the lady sat on a miniscule chair and held her for the duration (her arms must have been killing her). The other teacher strolled around for about 25 minutes carrying Ree until she felt confident enough to walk around and play with some of the toys. I stayed the whole time, although out of sight for part of it, and it was ok--way better than the first day (I know, I know, that's not saying much is it?). Anyhow, no telling what will happen next time, but I'm cautiously hopeful.