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Monday, November 26, 2007

"I no yike pee-skool, mama!"

You know it didn't go well if there wasn't a blog post about it by now, right? Let's just say things can only get better from here... We did, however, have a blast this weekend at the Gilroy Gardens Holiday Night (or whatever the heck they call their Christmasfest now). The girls enjoyed every minute, particularly the fake snow that was blowing around in the air, the fact that they were outside playing after "dock" (dark), the mysterious-but-wonderful absence of any lines at the rides (the little thrill-seekers tried them all, even the blindingly fast nausea-inducing ones that I wouldn't go on), the yummy Thanksgiving buffet under the lights, and the huge huggable Snoopy dog (Ro's fave) and Christmas bear (Ree's fave). View them all on one page, or in a slideshow:

It was a really great night. Really great.

*Clarification: The pre-school was ok, but the girls were not having ANY of that "mama will be right back" spiel. The teachers, administrator, and director tried every trick in the book to calm their hysterical crying/not breathing. After 30 minutes (with no progress) I "returned" (from sitting in the office where they couldn't see me) and spent the rest of the morning in the classroom. We'll try again on Wednesday and Friday with some different tactics. If there isn't any progress by end of Friday's session, well I just don't know... those preschool chairs just aren't made for 39-year-old butts.