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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Apparently my mom is tired of looking at "that boring bacon blog with only 2 measly pictures"

Heh! Is this better? Here are a few pics of the girls at preschool this week, as well as some snaps of the gorgeous handmade stockings and Christmas Countdown Trees from both grandmothers. The girls are So Lucky to have grandparents who make them beautiful, touching gifts. They'll treasure these forever. 'ReeView the pics all on one page or in a slideshow. My fave pic is one from today's visit to the mall -- Ree was dying to wave to Santa Claus and Ro was just as adamant that we immediately veer away from the scary man. So Ree ordered "Koze eyes Ro!" and jubilantly thrust her little hand in the air. I'll be danged if Ro didn't do it. These girls sure make us laugh! PS: Xena, Mango, and I are completely alone in an oddly silent house right now. TubaDad is going to be gone from sunup to sundown tomorrow, so he's giving me a break and took the girls to the park and then to dinner BY HIMSELF. This is unprecedented. And wonderful! I feel like giggling madly and having nothing but chocolate for dinner, or running upstairs and soaking in a nice hot bath, or popping open that bottle of Turley in the cabinet, or buying a silly Pay-per-View movie, or putting my feet up and doing nothing but breathe for a couple of hours. What to do first, what to do?