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Monday, December 3, 2007

These little ladies are quite deliberate about their ornaments

Their ornament choice and placement amuses meThe girls get to rifle through their little boxes and pick one ornament a day to hang on the Christmas Countdown Trees. Then they each hop up on a chair and carefully "decorate" the trees. Their color selections so far (all pink for Ro and all greenish-yellow for Ree) as well as the vertical-versus-horizontal ornament placement gave me a little chuckle today. The other thing that had me rolling on the floor, and kicking myself for not charging up the video camera, was wake-time from nap. Ro had been awake and playing in the family room for about an hour when I heard Ree stirring. I asked Ro if she wanted to go upstairs and tell Ree to come on down and she squealed "Yesssss!" and took off running. Peeping on the monitor I snorted with laughter to see Ro come tearing into the bedroom, race over to a still-groggy Ree and yell "Ree, dow-sairs! See Mama!" then wheel around and sprint out of the room. Milliseconds later an astonished Ree grabbed Chewy and Yellow Nanni and bounded out of the room. They both appeared at the top of the stairs--wearing huge, proud grins--seconds later. 'Ro And Ree jumped up and ran downstairs