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Saturday, December 8, 2007

That's all she wrote **

Two words: stomach flu. Don't really need to elaborate, right? **12/9 update from the house of sick: Hey no one puked today. Wow. A blue-ribbon day. TubaDad and Ro have sailed through unscathed (so far), but this hideous stomach flu claimed my folks on Wednesday night, then me on Friday night (longest night of my life), then Ree on Saturday. Oh and one of the cats apparently had some damn feline stomach upset on Saturday too. Arrgh. Our washing machine has been running non-stop for days. Today, though, everyone felt pretty good, you might even say rambunctious. We waited until late in the afternoon, took everyone's temperatures, then ventured out of the house for a few hours and waved to two different Santas. (Waving to Santas is our new holiday pastime. The girls now love it and ask to do it almost every day. God forbid we get within ten feet of his lap, but waving from afar is apparently jolly good fun.)