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Saturday, December 29, 2007

We heart Christmas

Ok, that was fun. Really fun. I guess when you're two years old it just doesn't get much better than gaudy red and green and glitter everywhere, presents from everyone you know, cookies and chocolate for breakfast (gasp!), staying up late, and singing silly songs about snowmen and reindeer with your family. We were all having so much fun, by the way, that TubaDad and I completely forgot to do the whole "leave some cookies out for Santa" routine on Christmas eve. Awkk! What kind of toddler parents are we anyhow?! I'm still shaking my head over that one. I took about a million pictures over the past week. (Ok, ok, that's a slight exaggeration -- I just checked and it was only 694. Um, seriously.) But in my defense, the girls were extra cute and TubaDad gave me a new Christmas camera that just begged to be taken for a spin. There are too many pics, I know I know, so we've got options. Heh. View them all at once on a tiny clickable thumbnail page, or see them at medium size on three pages, or grab a big ole' cup of coffee and check out the slideshow (click "i" for captions). I love them all, even the bloopers, but these three are my faves: 12/22: Stalking Santa from above (we had to go wave to him 6 times today)Ree (left) and Ro stalk Santa Claus in the mall. They made us walk by him six times that day, this time from above. And he saw us every single time. How much do you want to bet that he added a new category to his list just for us? I'm guessing there are now three categories: "Naughty. Nice. Nuts." 12/25: Ro slams M&M's while Ree and I laughRo (left) and Ree enjoy the heck out of their stockings. They sat on the stairs and pawed through those stockings for almost an hour, and each tiny thing was met with awe and joy. In the pic, Ro is slamming her M&Ms with hitherto unequaled gusto, and Ree and I are laughing about everything and nothing. 12/28: Hey Daddy, we unpacked the box that came for youRee (front) and Ro merrily dismantle and flatten a box that came in the mail for TubaDad. It was pulverized and the styrofoam peanuts were loved half-to-death (and all over the house) by the time they were finished. Joy, joy, joy. Ro surprised us all when she ran up to Ree on Christmas morning and squealed "Mir Kissmuss Ree!" And we'd like to say Mir Kissmuss to you all. I hope your holidays were merry and full of love.