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Monday, February 4, 2008

No time to blog, having way too much fun

The girls are NOT going to do well when they wake up Thursday morning and Catherine isn't here (and neither am I). We are all just having a ball. Here are a few pictures either all on one page or in a slideshow, and you can see more on Catherine's blog (yes, yes, I admit it, she is doing a much better job of blogging than I). We've dragged her to Gymboree twice, forced her to participate in the poopy dance more times than I can count, and walked her around San Francisco in a wicked storm. On the plus side, the girls have figured out that "Ca-in" (Catherine) really likes twin cuddles, we had a bunch of friends over for a funtastic SuperEating (uh, I mean SuperBowl) party, and there's more chocolate in our house than in the average boutique grocery store. So I think it's working out in our favor and she might actually come back again (fingers crossed). We were talking about it in the car and I was joking that she wasn't allowed to go back home, and apparently Ro was eavesdropping because she surprised us both when she piped up "No go back!" That's my girl! Work it! Love to all.