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Thursday, January 17, 2008

We shouldn't encourge them by laughing at this kind of stuff, should we?

We shouldn't encourage them by laughing, should we? But we do laugh... it's hard not to. We laughed at this too, although I don't think they could even hear us they were concentrating so hard on the deliciously adorable clothes in the new Land's End Kids catalog: Ree: "Pick koze Roze-ee!" (Pick clothes Rosie) Rof: "Pick dis one." Ree: "Ok, mama buy it." Me (gurgling and snorting in a very unladylike fashion): "TubaDad, where's the &^%$ camera I need it NOW!!!" Pick koze Roze-ee. Ok, mama buy it. Oh well, life is short, enjoy every belly laugh and every poetic smile. PS: In answer to the bonus question below, TubaDad is unhooking the Learning Tower from the wall. Yep, we have bolted it in place to keep the destructive divas from using it for evil.