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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Outta my way, my sister needs me

Ro launched off the coffee table lip-first and stunned us all with the sickening thud. Then she did the worst kind of scream where her face was all screwed up into screaming position but absolutely no sound was coming out. Ugh. Ree was the first to react. She yelled "Ice! Get Ice!" and took off running for the kitchen, plump little legs pumping as fast as they could go. Then she ripped open the freezer, grabbed two different kinds of ice packs (apparently even under pressure she knows that a girl has to have choices), and sprinted back toward Ro yelling the whole time "I get ice! I coming Sistuh Roze-ee. Ice, two ice!" If I wasn't busy rocking the now-audibly-screaming Ro, I would have collapsed on the floor laughing. (This pic is from the fifth time in about 5 minutes that Ree ran to the freezer to "put way" the used ice pack and get a new one for her sister.) Ree gets ice for Sistuh Roze-eee Love these two. Seriously love them to pieces.
Here are a few more recent snaps, including my favorite where the girls jumped back and forth over the trumpet while I was trying to take an extreme close-up of it. View them all on one page or in a slideshow.