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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Well that's the end of walking around in our underwear (*updated)

We sucked it up and got the girls rugged, twinado-proof kiddie cameras the other night. (Yowza they charge a lot to make electronic equipment that can still work after being thrown, stood upon, or used as a bludgeoning weapon.) So now we never know when our pictures will be taken or what part of our anatomies will be featured in multiple (albeit blurry) photos and shown to hapless visitors. The girls were excited beyond belief to head to Target to pick out their cameras. Well, actually they didn't get to "pick" them, we had already read the reviews (such as they were) and chosen the victims, uh I mean cameras. We mentioned to the girls that we were going to the store to get "bright orange and yellow VTech cameras" and then later when Ro danced in her seat saying she was going to pick a pink camera, Ree was right on top of it. "No pick Roze-eee. No pick! Yellow ownghe!" Heh. I also had a small snicker-snort moment when this little conversation took place on the way to the store: Ro: "Get my cam-uh!" TubaDad: "What are you going to do with your cameras, girls?" Ree (in a condescending voice): "Um, take peeshers..." (the implied "duh daddy" could not have been more clear) TubaDad (a little chastised and trying to recover): "Oh, yeah, and uh, what are you girls going to take pictures of?" Ro: "Daddy! Mommy!" (awwwww) Ree: "Santa Claus. Yellow Nanni!" (heh) Adorable. I could listen to their funny conversations all day long. Oh, actually I do, well lucky me. :-) Here are a few pics of the golden gabbers themselves. View them all on one page or in a slideshow. These show the new kiddie cams, throwing rocks in the water (apparently we wasted money on Christmas presents because this is the best game ever), and the horribly negligent way we let the girls sit and stand on the counter: AdorablenessPS: Huge bonus points if anyone can guess what TubaDad's doing in this picture. It's not what you might think... ~~~~~~~~~~ Updated: I got a few emails asking about Ro and Ree's view of the world through a lens, so here are some of their very first photos. Each camera is labeled with a big 'ole "R" or "M" so they know which one to use. Interesting to see what they try to capture. (I'm sure it's obvious, but these pics were all taken by the girls without any adult direction or help.) Ro's photos. (The back of my head while I'm driving cracks me up. And it's interesting that Ro takes so many pictures of Ree): Ree's photos. (I like the "Six Babies" tv picture the best, it makes me laugh. And so far Ree seems to take more pics of her family and surrounding environment than she does of Ro.): The little VTech cameras don't take the best photos, they're grainy at best and flashed-out or extremely blurry at worst, and the pics are only around 15KB, but the cameras have already been drop-kicked and spiked, so we're thinking "scrappy and tough" is more important than "high quality" at this point. Plus the girls think they're neat and haven't grabbed for my Nikon once since getting their own "cam-uhs."