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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ree is REALLY getting the hang of this

Catherine extended her trip a teeny bit because of really bad weather on the other end (it had nothing to do with the fact that I threw myself on the floor and begged in a really embarrassing way. Really it didn't.). So where is she right now? Relaxing on the couch after an incredibly active day with the girls? Um, no. She's up in Ree's room, rubbing her tummy a little, because Ree wasn't sleepy and kept going to the door and calling "Mommy... Ca-in..." We could hear her on the monitor and you would have had to been made of steel to resist that sweet little voice. Having lots of fun, here are a few pics. View them all on one page or in a slideshow. One of my faves is a photo we took while the girls were wearing the crocheted vests my great grandmother made for Bobby and I in the early 70s. How cool is that?!! (The brown bedsheet backdrop was so wrinkled that I just Photoshopped it into oblivion. So please ignore it.)

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