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Friday, February 8, 2008

Please tell me they're not saying this kind of stuff at preschool...

Ree: Babygull need jooze. (Babygirl, aka babydoll, needs juice)

Ro: I get it! I get jooze babygull! (toddles to the toy basket and runs back brandishing one of our eight-jillion babydoll bottles)

Ree: Dat onge-jooze! (That orange juice)

Ro: No, dat no onge jooze. Dat red jooze.

Me: Oh, you're right. Hm, what kind of juice is red? (seriously trying to think of one)

Ro: Dat mama jooze!!!! (That mama juice)

Ree: Yeah!!

Sigh... I guess they've been paying attention when I enjoy the occasional glass of red wine with dinner.