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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I can't believe this actually worked!

TubaDad and I are sitting here right now listening to two completely silent baby monitors and shaking our heads in disbelief. On a spur-of-the-moment shopping trip this morning I bought two little toddler beds to keep in the garage until the girls were ready for them. But their eyes lit up when they saw the boxes and they demanded to sleep in them immediately. Yikes. Poor TubaDad skipped dinner and assembled them at warp speed after he got home tonight. We dashed around like mad trying to beat the clock, threw some sheets and blankets on the beds, and haphazardly rushed the girls into them only a few minutes after "normal" bedtime. And then we sat back and waited for the backlash. Only it never came. Any time we mentioned "big girl beds" in the past, both girls would shake their heads vehemently and give us the stink eye (times two). So I thought for sure Ree would pitch a fit worthy of the Guinness record books when it came to giving up her safe and secure little mattress on the ground. And I just knew there was no way on earth Ro would give up her snug, private little crib. I wouldn't even let TubaDad take the crib apart, I was that sure she'd be back in it within minutes. Shows how much I know. The girls dove into their new little beds and haven't made a peep since. They never fail to surprise me, these brave little girls who heartily embrace new adventures with smiles on their faces: Ree's first night in her "big girl bed"Ro's first night in her "big girl bed" ~~~~ One little funny: I took Ree to the store while TubaDad was frantically assembling a bed, and she picked out a book for herself and one for Ro. On the way home I said "Ro is going to be so excited that you picked out a book for her!" and she replied "Rosie not cited, Rosie be kinda sad." I was a little surprised and said "Why do you say that sweetie?" And she said "She not pick her own book." Heh! A few more pics from the day are here. Oh and there are a couple more that I snuck in the other day here but never mentioned since they were overshadowed by the stalking incident. Also, if you don't know why we've got two baby monitors, there's an explanation of the separate rooms in the sidebar at right.