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Monday, April 21, 2008

A fifty percent improvement

Well one of the girls listened today at preschool and one listened "outside, no inside doe" (outside on the playground, but not inside though), according to Ro and Ree. They were both coloring when I arrived and greeted me by yelling "I no rip books dis time mama!" Well thank goodness. The teacher told me Ro got two timeouts (they call it thinking time or something like that) for jumping around and refusing to sit down during circle time. I nodded intently and reassured her that we are working very hard on listening and will continue to do so (and we are). But I hope I can be forgiven for privately thinking "Whahooooooo, totally minor, she didn't even try to injure anyone today!!!" Hee. Ok, back to being quite serious about this. Ree got a tiny "good listening" treat on the way home and also got to put a sticker on her little chart. And Ro seemed fine with the whole thing. I thought holy hell would break loose if one sister got a treat and the other one didn't. But the only thing Ro demanded was that her sister not take all of the coveted puffy heart stickers: "Save one of doze heart sickers for me, Ree!" They're napping angelically in their little beds right now, so I need to grab something to eat. But first a little video (totally unrelated to the subject, just been meaning to post it) and a quick picture of the kiddos making me laugh. In the video, they decided to "drive" the ottoman to Disneyland, Utah, and beyond. I particularly like it when they say they need cornnuts in the beginning (our typical roadtrip food) and when Ro emphatically moves the stroller out of the way at the end. An absolutely classic "Ree face": And one of Ro's funny "fish faces" complete with tiny smacking noises and a wiggling lip: Yeah, they know they're cute. (Oh, the correct guess for the manic merry-go-round riding was 12, by the way. Stacey T & Jeff T nailed it in guess #1 and guess#2. I shudder to think how many more times they would have gone if the park hadn't closed...)