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Friday, May 30, 2008

"M, come here NOW and bring your camera!"

That's what I heard over the baby monitor when my mom went to get one of the girls after nap. Her voice was kinda shrill and the urgency was unmistakable. I practically FLEW up the stairs (with camera in hand, of course, since I've been trained to follow directions). This is the sight that greeted me. Oh. My. God. (naptime poop emergency apparently, and she used EVERY kleenex in the box)Apparently one of the girls needed to, um, use the facilities* at some point during naptime and afterwards found it necessary to use every single tissue in the box to get cleaned up to her satisfaction. The smell in that tiny room was overpowering, my mother could no longer speak she was shaking so hard with silent laughter, and I had to remain deadly serious as I reassured the worried little girl that she had done exactly the right thing and I was SO PROUD of her. Snort! ~~~~ * They've been napping in underwear ever since we shortsightedly ran out of puII-ups a week ago and decided to just go for it. One girl has a bathroom in her room and one girl doesn't, so we put a little potty chair in there for "emergencies". I guess it worked.