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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Perhaps my most brilliant idea to date

I don't know why I never thought of this before. But today, while Ree was sitting on the lone restaurant potty, and Ro was squirming uncomfortably and begging her sister to hurry up, I realized that their tiny little butts could BOTH fit on there at once. Oh yeah, you read that right! I swear triumphant music swelled in the background as I whipped little Rosie's pants down and plopped her on the seat sideways next to her sis. They both looked a little shocked, then dissolved into giggles when I wagged a finger at them and said "Don't you poop on your sister!" (Apparently that admonishment is hilarious to a two-year old.) Anyhow, our somewhat creative configuration worked like a charm. So bring on those lame one-seater bathrooms -- I fear you no longer! And please, someone, get that parent-of-the-year award in the mail, because I really deserve it this time. I had the tiny purse camera with me at the time, but kind of had my hands full and didn't even remember it until we got back to the table. So no pictures (luckily for Ro and Ree, heh heh). But here are a few recent pics instead. The first few are from a friend's birthday party at Pump-It-Up, a riotous bouncy, climby, slidey place that the girls fell in love with. I couldn't believe our tiny little girls climbed up those enormous ladders and slid down those insane slides. About 50 times. Then there's a shot of our new blinged-out Learning Tower. Woot -- we have wheels baby!!! Oh and the last one is of the girls a few minutes before bedtime eating canned peas and brushing their teeth (yes at the same time). Ree had found a little pair of pants and crammed them on over her PJs, doesn't she look very Michelin-man-esque?. (View thumbnails, detail, slideshow) The bday party pics were taken with the purse camera (old dog-slow Canon Elph), the rest of the pics were taken with the D300 and various lenses (I was playing around).