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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Two years ago today, we were waiting for our agency to call

It's the anniversary of the day we found out that our baby, nicknamed Funshine, was actually Fun AND Shine. Wow.

Referral call Aug 28 2006. The first emailed pictures we saw of our daughters, and the longest time it has EVER taken in the history of the world for an email to open:

Aug 28 2007. One year later. Tried to get a sweet picture of the girls holding their referral photos and they crumpled the pictures and threw them on the ground. Ree is on the left, and Ro on the right:

Aug 28, 2008. Today, two years later, after bribing them with chocolate if they would actually hold the picture this time. Ro is on the left and Ree is on the right. Wish I'd thought to leave their hair down, but they were smearing tofu everywhere at lunch so I pulled it back into quick little topknots. Oh well, good enough!:

People ask me all the time which one was harder: waiting for a referral or waiting to travel after we had seen their pictures. And I have to say that (for us) the wait for referral was by far the hardest. But it's probably because we were spectacularly unprepared for twins. After the mind-blowing referral call and wild celebration of ribs and champagne, we started scrambling madly and spent every precious minute we had before the China trip just trying to get ready all over again. Obviously we were aware that there was a possibility of twins since we had requested two children on our paperwork, but it was such a long shot that we just KNEW there was no way and put it completely out of our minds. We had one carseat, one highchair, one crib, one of every stinkin' thing. It was a crazy, wild ride. And still is...