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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cute bday pics, but that's not what has me grinning

TubaDad and I took the girls down to the kiddie photo studio to get their 3rd birthday snaps taken and they turned out pretty cute. (I know, I am hopelessly and shamelessly biased -- it's okay though, I'm their Mama, I'm supposed to be biased.) We ordered a few copies of these montages: And a couple sheets of these wallet-sized ones for the grandparents to cart around: Ro left in blue bow, Ree right in yellow bow I figure it's ok to post these early because we just might have one or two pics to post of their actual bday (Oct 6th). Heh. Now for the funny part. I looked and looked for love-em-at-first-sight bday outfits like last year's, and just came up dry. So, much to my mother's chagrin, I went fabric shopping for cool material and ribbon trim and then sketched out the design that was in my head and begged her to help me sew the stuff onto some little jeans and tees. Love how they turned out, seriously love them. Anyhow, after working like mad on the unique bday outfits and the birthday portraits to go along with them, we went to dinner at a local BBQ joint. And I nearly fell to the ground laughing when eagle-eyed Ree pointed to a nearby liquor-store window and said "Yook Mama!!!" Do you see what she saw? Too. Dang. Funny. (Click the pic to enlarge and see what's hanging in the window behind the signs.)