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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wow, my dad grew some whopper "punkmims" this year! (updated)

The girls have been having fun sitting on the big punkmims*, using them as pillows, grunting and hefting them, and rolling them hither and yon. Good thing GramBob has about a dozen more pumpkins in the patch, because it'll be a wonder if these ones survive until Halloween. Click on any of the below images to enlarge, or view images all on one page or in a slideshow. We're ready for anything, we've got some babydolls and a bookSo, of course, Ree has to try it too'Wow, Hey Ro, that's not a chair! Ree hefts her weight in pumpkim Ro is freakishly strong Grunt, grunt, we can move them We can move the big ones mama, we just roll them Hm, I don't think this big purple pumpkin will roll ' By the way, my little brother and I distinctly remember that when we would visit the pumpkin patch as kids, my parents had a strict "you can only choose a pumpkin as big as you can carry" rule. Yet when Ro and Ree visited GramBob's pumpkin patch this weekend they were allowed to get any pumpkins they wanted -- they even picked ones so big they needed a wheelbarrow to transport them. Hmmm. Guess all rules are off when it comes to grandkids... * The way Ro and Ree say punkmims instead of pumpkins just kills me. I keep asking "what are these called again?" just to hear them repeat it. I also love the way they say neppy (empty), cripsie (crispy), uv (love), juhmassics (gymnastics), hippups (hiccups), and pockafoola rosies (that's what they call the song "ring around the rosy," it's a combo of the first line and the second line "pocket full of posies"). ~~~~~ A quick update for those who asked about the Minnie Mouse outfits: They're the ones I dreamed up a year ago for the girls' bday Disneyland trip. I sketched out what I wanted in Photoshop, and then (as usual) my poor mom had to sew them. She's going to hang up on me the next time I call and say "Hey mom I have a great idea!" Anyhow, it's kind of fun to look at the old pictures and see how the girls looked in the outfits a year ago. The dresses were a lot bigger on them back then (I can barely get the waists snapped now) and they came down below their knees! Munching happily on huge tortillas at breakfastHooray!!! We all got a pic with Mickey