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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If I had an unlimited budget, my kids would be wearing all of these already

I've got some bookmarks of favorite kid-clothing items that I keep lovingly revisiting. They're things I've seen online and covet really, really bad. But they're a teeny bit out of our budget right now (remember we have to buy two of everything). There's no harm in just talking about them, though, right? Are these not the cutest things? Critter Hats from Land's End, $29. Can you even glance at these adorable hats and mittens without grinning? Hee! So stinkin' cute. Red Fleece Coat with Flowers, from Orient Expressed. $59. Seriously, isn't this gorgeous? Oh man I just love this coat. I can picture Ro and Ree all snuggled up in this beautiful red fleece. And the flowers? Well they're like icing on a really great cake. Kid Express Darby boots from Zappos.com. $67. Darling, just darling, and kind of feisty too. I don't know much longer I can keep from buying these... Does anyone else have any favorite items I NEED to look at? Please share! (I'm sure TubaDad will thank you later, haha).