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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gee, do you think the toddlers have more energy than I?

Here's a 2-hour glimpse into their lives. We got to a local playground and Ree scouted things out: Satisfied that she had settled on the appropriate course of action, she hefted babydoll and started to run: Meanwhile, Ro wasted no time in getting high above the ground and "teaching her babydoll to walk" -- she's quite helpful that way: At some point those babydolls were just slowing the girls down, so they were tossed unceremoniously on the ground and Ree and Ro tried to find the most dangerous thing they could dangle from: Little Ro viewed the world from her perch on the climbing bars as she wondered if she could jump off and fly through the air (mean mama said no): Ro looked around for another potential landing spot (if you look closely you can see my unintentional self portrait in Ro's glasses): Ree practiced her gymnastics contortionist hanging skills on every bar in sight. She hung from this one about 8 or 9 (hundred) times in a row, with her face in an "Oooo I'm so strong" grimace each time: I resisted hanging from the bars but couldn't resist this shot of Ree's cute little ruffled butt!: As always, the nearby curbs became "big whoodge buy-ance beams" (balance beams): And this table became some sort of intricate synchronized jumping game (no one was injured during this game, not even the babydolls): Then it was back home for some fierce trike racing. TubaDad had just come home from work, so he was assigned to be the referree. He had to hold them back so they'd start at the same time because one of the girls (I won't say which) kept trying to cheat: Then it started to get dark, and TubaDad and I were beginning to think about sitting down (ahhhhh), but the girls were STILL going. This time they raced so hard they flew onto the grass and crashed into each other: I don't think they stopped moving for the entire two hours. After all this, they still protested mightily when it was time for bed. Why don't they ever get tired?! My 40-year-old body is BEAT every single day just from chasing them, and today I'm also kind of stiff from running all over that playground trying to get pictures of them -- whew that camera wrangling was quite a workout. Heh heh. Seriously though, can you imagine the agony this old body would be in right now if *I* had just spent two hours climbing bars, hanging from my fingertips, racing up and down slides, and madly careening around on a little bike? Man, I wish I had half their energy -- shoot I'd settle for a tenth of it!