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Friday, April 10, 2009

Fashion Challenge Friday

Here are the girls in outfits of their own design earlier this week. This post was prewritten (thank goodness, since yesterday was a little rough and I can't take time to be on the computer today). Ro is wearing the new Polliwalks shoes that she's worn almost constantly since they arrived. I got the pink frog ones for her and the yellow duck ones for Ree, but apparently it's even more fun to mix and match. These shoes are adorable -- check out the Polliwalks site and you'll fall in love. I've already got my eye on the army green Fish Lips pair for when they grow out of these two. The girls tied some tights around their waists for extra color. It was Ro's idea. The new orange background, for those who are curious, is just an old square 4-foot canvas that was hanging around the house. It was some project that never got finished. TubaDad even ran over it once in the garage so now it has tire tracks. I decided to paint it orange and have some fun with it. Outfit #9 Outfit #9 Outfit #9 Outfit #9 Now it's your turn: Share the grins and show us an outfit that your kiddo put together this week! Important: give us the permalink* for your fashion challenge post, not a link to your homepage, so people don't have to scroll around looking for the right post. Fashion Challenge Friday is now a regular feature, so grab your camera and turn those kids loose in the closet at least once a week.
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  1. My girl wants to look like a boy everyday if I let her.

  2. I love that last picture - so much personality there! Hope your day is going much better today!

    **Yay I finally got my link right the first time :)

  3. Love the mismatched shoes! :)

  4. I'm afraid to let Anna see the outfits that your girls come up with for fear of the ideas it might give her!

    I love their creativity.

    I hope you have a better day than yesterday.

  5. hi M3,
    We have the same Hello Kitty socks that Ree is wearing. But silver glitter shoes instead of the red.

    Did you happen to see Oprah show this week (I recorded it and finally watched it 3 days later) about The truth about Motherhood.

    I liked this Mom's strategy, and actually had used this technique once myself.


    I watched the show after a day kind of like the one you described (only not magnified by 2)!

    Our little angel may not participate in the egg hunt at our house tomorrow, if she doesn't lose the attitude. You are not alone, and you always go above and beyond! When i post the firday challenge photos, one will be me, daughter, easter bunny and glass of chardonnay. Not listed in order of importance!

    Take care !


  6. I think the girls are channeling a little "Punky Brewster".

    Too cute!

  7. I love this challenge. It keeps us "in the moment" and allows us to permanently capture bits of life with the kiddos.

    I just love your girl's spirit. Full of beans. Reminds me of me and my twin sister (long ago, of course).

    Happy Easter to your family!

  8. tights around the waist, thats hysterical!

  9. The Tongginator especially loves the shoes. And tights around the waist? A new idea over here. I'm sure I'll be seeing that in the weeks to come. Hee hee.

  10. Love it! I wish I could participate, but I don't want Eliza to realize she could actually have a choice!


  11. Anonymous4/10/2009

    I love how creative they are in their outfit choices, mine is a little more reserved today, I was actually a little disappointed LOL.

  12. I love the backdrop! I've been trying to come up with a "cheap" idea to use at home that doesn't involve taking the sheets off the bed!

  13. Fun girls with fun outfits.

  14. Holy cow they are so cute. And I also think they are super trendsetters.

  15. That fourth photo just slays me! Their clothes are almost as shockingly adorable as their personalities! I bet your face hurts from smiling!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  16. This is a great age, when they start to enjoy clothes and all the possibilities.

    Mary's purple leg warmers are from Babylegs. I had bought 4 pair almost 2 years ago, and just this past fall, she really started wanting to wear them. Only one store sells them locally, and selection is limited. I just got her a pair with a british flag motif. We will see if she wears them, since they are NOT pink. ; )

  17. WHat fun! That last pic is a hoot!! Loving the bright background, matches your fun girl's sunny personalities. Great idea with the tights!

  18. That bottom picture cracks me up...what fun!!! I can just hear the giggles.


  19. That last pic is the best!

  20. That last pic is such a winner....love it!! I would take part but honestly if I had to do one more thing I think that the top of my head would fly off and then I would have to clean up the mess and I am already stressed out (smirk)

    Hugs my friend,

  21. Hope Ro and Ree are feeling calm, relatively speaking. My children are grown, but I still remember some of those endless "exciting" days and the tears (mine).

    Happy Easter!