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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BobBob's busy day

My mom always comes over to help out and play with the girls on Monday mornings, and my dad comes over on Wednesday mornings. Both of them leave here just exhausted. Is it any wonder? Here's what the morning looked like today. First BobBob played Crazy Eights (not sure how many games, but for his sake I'm hoping it was just one or two): DSC_3826 Then we all went for a trail ride (which involved a lot of walking/dodging for the grownups and a lot of riding for the kiddos): DSC_3835LRs Luckily the girls are always clamoring for snack breaks, which means lots of brief rests in shady spots. Good heavens, from the looks of these pictures we spent as much time eating as riding: DSC_3844_1s DSC_3849 DSC_3851 DSC_3867_1s DSC_3880 Then we had lunch (I know, I know, how could they possibly eat after all those snacks... sigh... it's just that little Ree said she was "stahving to deaf"). Afterwards, BobBob treated the girls to some vigorous horsie rides. And then everyone put together puzzles and played games: DSC_3881 DSC_3897 DSC_3898 Then it was bubble time: DSC_3929LRs DSC_3944_2s DSC_3905_1s Then story time (not quite the quiet, peaceful affair you might expect, but still relatively calm for this house). "Chickens to the Rescue" and "The Great Gracie Chase" were the two faves today: DSC_3954 Then, finally, naps all around. Whew. PS: If you're wondering about the explosion of hairbows, we got some new ones to test out today and the girls went hog wild. We'll be twin-testing them for a week or so and then I'll post a product review with all the specifics.


  1. Looks to me like a perfect day with BobBob!

  2. Anonymous9/09/2009

    No question, your parents are saints. And the girls are extraordinarily lucky to have them in their lives.

  3. I'm tired just looking at the photos. And I'm half his age.

  4. Anonymous9/09/2009

    Darling hairbows, and love, love the girls' dresses! Where did you find the dresses?

  5. O.K., I was going to save this for when I saw you this weekend but I couldn't wait.

    The title of this post would make the perfect title for a children's book.

    So I started thinking about that and all these rhymes started coming to me(sometimes I think in rhymes) and I tried to make some up to go with the pictures. Don't think I'm weird. Even though I kind of am :)

    Here goes(Each of these sets of rhymes matches up with a picture you posted)

    BobBob's busy day

    We love it when our Bob Bob comes over to play
    That's when we know it's guaranteed
    to be a fun day!

    We started our day with a game of Crazy Eights.
    We played many many games and it was just great.

    We got to try out bows that you put in your hair.
    We had to try them all so we put them all there.

    After our game we struck out for the trails.
    We like to ride fast, we're not slow like snails.

    Bike riding is hard work and requires many breaks.
    We needed lots of snacks to keep us going, for goodness sakes.

    We stopped on this bench to rest for a spell.
    We love our matching sunglasses, we think they're just swell.

    After our ride some puzzles Bobbob helped us to complete.
    After all that hard work we bet he was beat!

    But more fun was in store for our fabulous GrandDad.
    So outside we all went where some bubble blowing fun was had.

    Back inside BobBob read us a book.
    Then it was off to bed where naps we both took.

    We're so glad to have BobBob come over like this.
    To spend time with us, just me and my sis!

    So there you go. BobBob's Busy Day. And yes, it is clear to me that I have wayyyyyy too much time on my hands!

  6. Bobbob's busy day sounds like a book or a tv program! Sounds like a lot of fun too! Cute hair clips!

  7. Heh! Love the explosion of hair bows! Only sad that BobBob missed out on the wearing of hair bows. Maybe next Wednesday?

    Snacks? Truly riding on toys along a path can be classified as some sort of road trip so it is only right that there be Road Trip Food all round!!

    What a great day!! Hope BobBob was able to catch a nap too before hitting the road home.

  8. I'm exhausted! My parents do the same thing...play, play, play.... I tell them if they would just relax here then maybe they would have the energy to babysit more often! Hehehe.

  9. Never a dull moment with the girls and how lucky you are to have your parents close and willing and able to play with the girls each week.

  10. Hi Miranda, they're Desigual dresses from Spain (some stores in the US also carry them). TubaDad brought them home from a business trip the last time he traveled to Spain, and I think he did a pretty dang good job of picking them out!

    Michelle: Whoa, that is an awesome story/rhyme!!!!! I can't wait to show it to my dad.

  11. That is a perfect day...seriously. I think I want to hug your dad. :)

  12. I'm spent just looking at your morning.

    I'm guessing pre-school is only a couple of mornings a week.

  13. BobBob is the the BEST! I was just going to say that I noticed your girls have their Desigual dresses on! We got our referral in July and it was the first shop I went to, to buy clothes for my daughter! LOVE that shop! You husband chose well....very unique to Spain. :)

  14. At least BobBob got to sit down some of the time and rest a spell. Those twinados can exhaust a 20 year old. What precious memories they will have for all their lives.

  15. Anonymous9/10/2009

    wont Bobbob complain that he's super tired?
    hahaha...poor bobbob..must take care!!


  16. Can I come over and play too??? That looks like a fun day!!!!! :-)

  17. I hope BobBob took a nap too!! What a busy morning:)

    The dresses are so cute....I love the bright colors and patterns. I as going to ask where you got them, but I see you answered that already....Thanks!

    OMG, I think Michelle missed her calling!


  18. where did you get that marine life floor puzzle? M daughter loves floor puzzles and likes to sit on them when she's finished too, I can't seem to get enough puzzles for her.

  19. Hi Christina, it's a Melissa and Doug floor puzzle that I got at TJMax for about $6 -- score!! You can get them online too. Ro (who is infatuated with octopuses) just loves that thing. It's a 24-piece puzzle.

  20. Beautiful girls...looks like they had a fun day with their Bobbob!! :)

    ...and I love their head full of "Girly Girl" Bows!! :) Kelly does BEAUTIFUL work!

    God bless,

  21. M3 you SO missed the 'hint'.

    children's book? see? MANY people have turned their amazing blogs into books.

    and this blog is CRYING for that 'turn'!!

    ever heard of 'dooce.com'? or 'tertia.ort'?

    blooks. blogs turned book.

    hint. hint.

    barring that, howcome your girls aren't modeling?

    huh? huh?

    yeah, i know. us virtual strangers....

  22. Aren't parents the best? God love 'em...mine have more energy than me most of the time!

  23. Aren't grandparent wonderful? Especially the hand on kind?


  24. I love the posts about your mom and dad - because truly, is there anything better than grandparents?

    It warms my heart...what a blessing!

    We're still waiting on our little gal - but after almost four years, I'm looking forward to some serious GIRLY adventures...we should be Sept/Oct...we'll see!

  25. I was just watching an AP clip on the candyland party you guys went to - your girls are at 1:01 (I am sure it is your girls). Have you seen it yet? Here's a link:

  26. Okay, I'm wondering about the adorable dresses! Spill the details. Oh, I really hope they weren't hand sewn by your super seamstress Mother!