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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bye bye puII-ups: I can't say that we'll miss you

It's laundry time at our house, and I'm thinking it'll be the first thing I do every morning from here on out. We ran out of overnight puII-ups yesterday and decided that since the girls were turning four soon it was probably a good time to tackle the final and previously elusive frontier in potty training: nighttime! Ro and Ree have been potty trained during the daytime forever now, but they've always worn puII-ups at nighttime. It was just easier for all of us, and none of us were really ready to make a change, which was just fine. We've tried nightime training in the past (at the girls' request) , but I quickly got frustrated with two extra loads of laundry a day (2 mattress covers, 2 sheets, 2 sets of soaked PJs, and two blankets) and gave up after just a few days. DSC_4512LRs DSC_4515LRs But not this time! The girls are more than ready, they've been asking to do this for awhile and are so excited it's adorable, and I am going to suck it up and stick it out this time. So I'm making a bold public proclamation: we have bought our last puII-up. That's right, Huggies, you will get no more money from us. There. If I go back on this one I'm going to have to write a big 'ole humiliating public retraction, and no one wants that. Any tips or tricks that worked for you? PS: I was curious, so just did a really rough calculation, using timeanddate.com to figure out the number of days, and figured out the following approximate stuff for the girls (these numbers are for both girls combined, and I took the cost of diapers and puII-ups and averaged them):
  • Daytime: We used 10 diapers/puII-ups a day from 10/24/06 to 5/23/08, which is 578 days, or 5780 diapers/puII-ups, at an avg cost of 35 cents each, or $2023.
  • Nightime: We used 2.1 nighttime diapers/puII-ups per night from 10/24/06 to 9/22/09, which is 1065 nights, or 2237 diapers/puII-ups, at an avg cost of 55 cents each, or $1230.
  • Total: So we spent roughly $3300 on diapers and puII-ups in the last three years.

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