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Monday, March 22, 2010

One of the neatest parks we've been to

We've been to a whole lotta parks (hundreds? more?). The girls are seasoned park connoisseurs by now. And this one that we just visited up in wine country has got to be in the top 5. It was called Howarth Park, and had a huge four-sided climbing wall, pony rides, an amazing 20-foot spider-web climbing apparatus, a wild west play area, swings (a must for our girls), a lake with boat rides, a couple of standard-but-huge playgrounds, a carousel, a running train that you could ride on, a snackbar that served lunch, and more. It rocked! If you're driving to or from Healdsburg, Sonoma, or Santa Rosa, you have to stop here—your kids will thank you and they might even get so tired out that they'll sleep in the car for the rest of the drive. Bonus! IMG_0792LR IMG_0789LR IMG_0802LR IMG_0807LR IMG_0812LR IMG_0810LR Yeah, it was a cool place! While we were in the area, we also checked out the Charles Schultz Museum (or the Snoopy Museum as Ro and Ree called it). The girls were pretty excited about the famous spotted beagle and "Woodstomp." They don't really know all the characters, but had a good time anyhow. Their favorite places were the snoopy-shaped maze out front, the hands-on art area upstairs, the courtyard with statues, and the letter-writing station downstairs. The museum is really geared toward adults, not kids, so if you're short on time, just head to the giftshop across the street and go upstairs. They have a bunch of Peanuts statues, and a Peanuts movie-viewing station with beanbag chairs up on that second floor, and you don't have to pay anything. (Our friend Stacey gave us this tip, and she was so right!) I should probably mention that Ree is in pink/green and Ro is in purple, today. And yes, they are wearing each other's shoes and pullovers, which could be confusing. Yeesh. IMG_0834LR They had a neat holograph bowl in the museum courtyard, and the girls kept trying to blow the images away: IMG_0839LR IMG_0844LR They saw this statue and were thrilled to take their picture with "Woodstomp"—never even spared a glance for that dude standing behind him! Poor ole Charlie Brown really doesn't get any love, does he? IMG_0847LR Later we camped in the movie-viewing station and watched a fun Easter Snoopy movie while Ree cuddled up with her stuffed snoopy souvenir and Ro played with her nesting Peanuts dolls: IMG_0850LR IMG_0860LR Fun stuff. We're home now, so it's back to the grind. Such as it is. Heh. But I would love to know if you have a favorite park/kid spot? Ro and Ree are so much easier to travel with now, so we're taking a lot more trips and it would be fun to have a list of must-see kid places all over the country.


  1. FUN! Wow, what a park! And looks like Tuba Dad had a blast as well :)

    Okay, where'd you get those darling outfits?

  2. The park near our house has one of those cool spider web thingys. The grandkids love it.

    The children's museum in Indianapolis is great. Something like four stories of activities and so fun.

    How is the thumb? I have the same thing and it has spread to the pointer finger too. Going to the doctor later this week.

    Hope you all have a great week.

  3. You guys sure know how to have fun! Love the pictures and the girls' colorful outfits :-)

  4. Anonymous3/22/2010

    What a blast! I'll have to remember that next time we visit. LOVE the nesting dolls. xo

  5. Ooooh! Tess is so jealous about the Charles Schulz museum, she is all about Charlie Brown and Snoopy these days. Cool park, cute girlies!

  6. I"m so glad you had fun up there!!! We loved that area when we visited for one night.

  7. The Indianapolis Childrens Museum is the largest in the world. It is 5 stories of interactive fun. There are long-standing exhibits, and others change every few months. It's really quite amazing. We go about once a week, as they make a annual membership for Indy Families very affordable. If you ever find yourself in the Midwest, send me a note! We'd love to show you our fine city.

    P.S. Sara tried her first spider web thingy last Friday. I thought she was going to kill herself! I was frightened for her!

  8. Thanks guys!

    Stefanie: The outfits are all Hanna Andersson pieces, but purchased at different places and at different times. We got the crazy pants about 6 months ago at the store, the fleece pullovers are in stores right now but they're clearing out fast because they're on sale, and the tank dresses were a surprise find at Costco a few weeks ago.

    Sharron: I can't believe it but the thumb is actually looking way better! I need to post an update about it. I'll try tomorrow.

    IndianaLori: Will do!!

  9. Kristina3/22/2010

    So much fun and wow I was not surprised to see the girls on top of the Spider web thing! They look like they are playing King of the Web!!!We might have to do a little weekend thing soon!I don't think S. knows who Snoopy is though?

  10. What a cool park! Nothing like that here. You have neat parks in CA!!

    We haven't been yet but someday Hannah and I will be visiting Sesame Place in PA. (http://www.sesameplace.com/sesame2/Default.aspx) Not sure if that's the kind of park you were looking for but I've heard it's great, especially for little ones.

    We could meet you there! 'Only' about an 8 hour drive for us.

  11. Why does it come as no surprise that Ro and Ree managed to climb higher than any of the other kids in the picture? lol

    If you ever get near Spokane Riverfront Park is a must. My kids spent endless hours there. It has a Looff Carousel that would make a great photo setting :) Lots of other fun kiddie attractions.

    LOL my verification is inomsin, one letter away from Insomnia scrambled. Very fitting right now.

  12. Anonymous3/23/2010

    I've said this about a hundred times, but I REALLY need to move to California!

  13. Anonymous3/23/2010

    St. Louis is a fun place to visit with kids. The Zoo is great here too.

  14. There is a Snoopy Museum?! I had no idea. I want to go!!!! Looks like a blast! It is snowing here today. No parks for us. Love that the girls climbed up to the very top of that spider web thingy-ma-bob. I am not surprised of course, based on their climbing ability, but it is very cool!

  15. Have you been to Koret's Children's Quarter in Golden Gate Park? It has the spider web thing and a giant cement slide that you go down on cardboard. And a climbing wall. And a carousel. And a sand/water area. It's amazing.

    I LOVE Snoopy. That sounds like a great place!

    Jamie S

  16. What an awesome time!

  17. Good stuff! I'm adding that to our list of places to check out when we're out camping or just driving!

  18. I so wanna be THAT mom, you know, the kind you are. I LOVE the photos but the girls on top of that rope thing made my stomach flipflop. How can I NOT put my fears on them??? I guess just let them and be close to catch. oye. Good for you. Stephe (stomach still flipflopping)

  19. SO glad the girls enjoyed their visit to Santa Rosa. We are huge Snoopy fans and can't wait to take our daughter, that gift shop is the best.

    I think the girls would love Bidwell Park in Chico. I'm annoyed that their web page does not do justice to the kids area. http://www.bidwellpark.org/page/explore-bidwell-park/lower-park.php

    We visited with our then 2 year old last September but she is nowhere nearly as adventurous or coordinated as Ro and Ree. Your girls would have a blast there. They even have a huge natural pool.

    Then you can move on to downtown Chico and enjoy the cool fountain.

    And if you go, let us know, because I would love for Ro and Ree's adventurous side to rub off on our timid SS.