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Monday, May 24, 2010

Is it wrong to spend your day at an aquarium and then go have a fish dinner?

I know! Kind of twisted, right? We spent hours at the Maui Ocean Center and Aquarium today ooohing and ahhing over hordes of fascinating sealife. And then, after all that staring, were quite hungry and wanted fish for dinner (again). It did give me pause. Didn’t stop us from ordering and devouring fantastic grilled Mahi Mahi sandwiches. But still…

Oh well. It was another wonderful day in paradise, and I’m going to bed right after I hit publish. Here are the pics for today:

Little beach girls couldn’t wait to get in the water today. I think this picture was taken shortly after the sun came up. Sheesh. Notice that I am still smiling, despite the early hour, although I did promptly deposit my body on a chaise lounge right after this picture was taken and let TubaDad do all the real work. (Ro pink, Ree blue)IMG_0404LR

Thought I was kidding about the chair? This was my view for the next hour or two or three:IMG_0415LR

Then we moved from the pool to the beach. Yes it is a tough life. The beach near our hotel has a cool raised sandbar that stops the waves and feeds into a shallow riverish thing that is perfect for tots:IMG_0416LR IMG_0418LR IMG_0421LR IMG_0428LR IMG_0434LR

Whatever will the poor sweeties do when they get back home and no one brings them passionfruit/pineapple/guava sippers?:IMG_0436LR

The aforementioned aquarium (which was reallyreally cool, even for jaded Monterey Aquarium season pass holders):IMG_0445LR

Ro and her beloved octopus (the girl is obsessed with octopuses):IMG_0455LR

A family portrait! I was sitting up on the steps and the three peppier members of the family ran down the stairs to peer into a huge shark tank. I got reflected in the glass while taking their pic:IMG_0465LR

Nighty night.


  1. Oh, looks so fun! Be sure to check out Paia Fish Market. (It's a restaurant, not a market.) It's the best. Bring me a fish taco please.

  2. LOL! Check out those adorable little monkey toes relaxin while the 3 fishies swim, swim, swim. Ahhh...now that's a vacation my friend!

    How cool that you can enjoy both the beach and the pool. Neat!!

    Smoothies? Hmmm...I'm sure with little instruction your girlies could be taught how to whip these up and more importantly, how to deliver them to mama for ummm...'testing'!

    Great family pic at the aquarium! how cool that it worked that way!

    Enjoy your time in paradise my sweet friend. Oh yah....you are! xo

  3. Looks heavenly! Check out Bubba Gumps in Maui.
    Darling pics, thanks for sharing.

  4. Go to the putt-putt place which also has the water boats where you can squirt water at each other!

  5. I am just so jealous but love seeing all the pictures of your little girls. I would love to take my grand kids to Maui.
    Where are you staying? I know the hotel but can't name it. Are you going to a luau? Be sure to get shaved ice for the girls. They will love it.

  6. Anonymous5/25/2010

    Now that is a vacation! Try to see the giant banyan tree in downtown Lahaina.

    See http://www.kaanapali-beach-maui.com/banyan-tree-lahaina.html

    All continue to have lots of fun. Pa and Ma

  7. Anonymous5/25/2010

    Yeah for Hawaii pictures. How can you not smile looking at those?
    Love the one of you and the girls in their sun hats, so cute. Very glad Ro found her octopus. The one of you sitting inside the shark tank is neat too.

    Uncle Bobby

  8. Like fish? Mama's Fish House in Kuau Cove.

  9. What a great vacation! Now that we have goldfish in our home, my girls give me grief every time I try to eat seafood. "Mama, don't let Sea Biscuit see you eat that!"

    I've already given up beef, pork, chicken and all other land animals. Giving up fish is gonna be quite the challenge. I keep telling them that shrimp are more like insects than animals.

  10. Love the pics. Is it me or does everything look better on an iPad?