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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You can sure get a lot of blogging done when you’re not watching any tv

I don’t know what’s happening with any of my favorite tv shows, but we will have a nice record of our trip to look back on someday, so that’s okey dokey. Here are today’s pics:

We had our pineapple and are ready to head to the beach! BTW, I’m constantly slathering sunscreen on everyone, but the girls are getting deep Hawaiian tans while I remain pasty white:


Walking down to the beach before it got too hot. (The girls look quite serious about their beach going):IMG_0487LR

Today is our wedding anniversary, and I can’t think of a better place to celebrate it:IMG_0489LR IMG_0491LR IMG_0500LR

Trying (unsuccessfully) to catch minnows in the little river:IMG_0506LR IMG_0509LR

We found an awesome “coral sidewalk” on the beach today:IMG_0517LR IMG_0533LR IMG_0539LR IMG_0550LR

As usual, we are woefully unprepared in the toy department. The girls are making do with an abandoned bucket we found and two plastic hotel glasses. And they couldn’t care less:IMG_0553LR

This is how we spent the whole morning. I held the camera up from my comfy perch (way too lazy and warm and comfy to stand up) and snapped a family portrait:IMG_0561LR

The girls barely made it through lunch before heading back to the hotel room for a little snooze:IMG_0571LR

Later we drove to the other side of the island (I think?) and went to the incomparable Mama’s Fish House for dinner. We’ve been going there for years, and are still in love with the place. And it was so fun to see Ro and Ree love it too. They tried everything -- tomato ginger bisque soup, homemade honey bread, ahi sashimi, pickled cucumbers, grilled mahi mahi, and more.IMG_0576LR

An incredible dinner with an incredible view. Nice:IMG_0610LR

Alrighty, well that was about it: pineapple on the lanai for breakfast, play on the beach, play in the pool, fish tacos for lunch, nap, fish dinner, play on the beach. Pretty much the same as yesterday, and I’m guessing tomorrow and the next day will be the same too. Makes for kind of boring blogging I guess but it’s just fine with me.


  1. Wow. Positively dreamy!!
    Oh, and Happy Anniversary!! It's sure to be one you'll never forget :)

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! What a glorious way to spend your anniversary!! Enjoy!

    Keep these wonderful posts coming. We love 'em!

  3. Anonymous5/26/2010

    How many years?

  4. Doesn't look boring to me - looks like Heaven! Congrats M3 and Tuba Dad...and hugs to the wee girls. xoxo

  5. Oh, the pineapple. I miss the pineapple. By the time it gets to the east coast, it tastes horrible, so I refuse to eat it. I consider it one of life's cruelest jokes that I wore braces almost the entire time I lived in Hawaii. (Cuts in the mouth + eating pineapple = pain) Enjoy a slice and think of me, would ya?

  6. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

  7. Aloha! We were just in Maui about a week before you, although it was not a vacation for my husband...he was working!

    Do not forget to have the Coconut M&M's!!!!!!!!! So awesome!

  8. Happy anniversary! :)

  9. Happy Anniversary!! I couldn't think of a better place to be!

  10. beautiful

    love you guys

    thanks for sharing your family with us

  11. I can see you are at our favorite place to stay in Maui! We love staying there and having the beach and pool all within easy access!
    Enjoy your time some more!!!

  12. Not boring at all! I love every minute. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Anniversary! You are so blessed.


  13. Love love love Mama's Fish House! Did you ever go to the Old Lahaina Luau on Front Street? They have yummy food, all-inclusive cocktails and fabulous entertainment with a beautiful oceanfront setting. Don't remember if they offer salsa though - LOL!

    Happy Anniversary and enjoy!

  14. Difinitely NOT boring blogging! Your pictures always tell an interesting story in addition to your words. Happy Anniversary!!! Ours is in three days and I don't think we'll be spending it anywhere near as exciting as Hawaii. In fact, we're thinking of Gilroy Gardens!

  15. Happy Anniversary. Did you all get matching t-shirts from Mama's Fish House in honor of the occasion?

  16. Happy Anniversary! What a perfect way to celebrate.

  17. Happy Anniversary! I'm terribly jealous of your location right now! Sounds just lovely!

  18. Hello, I love your blog and I am enjoying the pics of your trip. They are beautiful! As far as catching minnows try putting a little bread in a water bottle (with a string around it if you can find some) and put in water the fish should swim in. I used to do this as a kid. Good luck!

    Happy Anniversary


  19. Amazing! Happy Anniversary, what a wonderful way to enjoy it.

  20. We share a birthday and an anniversary! How crazy is that? Happy Anniversary!