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Sunday, May 23, 2010

We woke up before the sun today

Wow, that California-time morning comes around pretty darn early when you’re in Hawaii. I think we beat the sun up by quite a few hours today…

Totally worth it though, because then we ate pineapple for breakfast on the patio staring at this:IMG_0281LR

Yeah, that didn’t suck.IMG_0283LR

The little honeys are having a wonderful time, and so are we. We took them down to the beach this morning and played around in the light rain. Ro is in the yellow dress (an upcycled Wela Wear piece) and Ree is in the blue one (also Wela Wear). I’m in the tacky Coke tee because no one made me a pretty dress. Heh.IMG_0284LR


IMG_0293LR IMG_0295LR IMG_0289LR2IMG_0292LR

For early dinner (or late lunch or breakfast number three or whatever the heck it was), we went to one of the restaurants at Whaler’s Village and inhaled some fish. By the time I thought to take a picture of our incredible food, this was all that was left of my dinner. Oh man I love fish.IMG_0298LR

Ro loves it too. Actually a little too much. TubaDad and I ordered an Ahi sashimi appetizer and I only got one piece.IMG_0304LR

Ree thought her coconut creme brulee was divine:IMG_0318LR

And it looked like someone might lose an arm if they came between Ro and her tropical sorbet:IMG_0319LR

Then we went and played on the beach. Well actually the girls played -- TubaDad and I sat there and digested our food. And I might as well just apologize right now for the insane amount of pictures. I just couldn’t pick a fave, and with this little Windows Live Writer app I can post them all with one click, so there’s really nothing holding me back:IMG_0325LR IMG_0331LR IMG_0341LR IMG_0344LR IMG_0355LR IMG_0362LR IMG_0374LR IMG_0375LR IMG_0382LRIMG_0376LR

Well that was a pretty good first day, if you ask me.


  1. Wow... a pretty much PERFECT day, I'd say :)
    So glad you guys are getting some blessed time away! Keep the pictures coming... is it even possible to have too many pics of your girls? I think not ;)

  2. As always, excellent pics. The Wela Wear is adorable!

  3. 3 words for your mom: Etsy Store Please

    nuf said.

    love the pics-- enjoy your vacay!

  4. LOVE 'EM ALL!

    Wella Wear. She's in business already....

  5. Awesome pics!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Maui!!! It's the most beautiful place - mountains AND the beach!

    Have a super time and keep the pictures coming!

  6. AWESOME!! LOVE the pics! Keep 'em comin'! Have fun!

  7. It looks amazing! And I love all the pictures! Amazing rainbow picture! And the girls dresses are just the cutest things ever!


  8. Kristina5/24/2010

    Aww so much fun!!! Glad you guys are smiling and enjoying evey minute!!! Wish we could be there too! Pics are awesome and thanks so much for sharing!!! Enjoy whatever today brings you!!! We will be thinking of you!

  9. A grand first day!!

  10. LOVE LOVE the pics!!! keep sharing sista!:)

  11. How will you ever come home?? As we woke up to SNOW this morning...I know my answer!

    If you head toward Hana...keep your eyes open for my fave bumper sticker eva {last seen on that side of the island} Jesus: mo' bettah fo' you :)

    I love all the pics. And food. You are a girl after my own heart.

    Aloha plenty

  12. "yeah, that didn't suck". still laughing. does anything suck about being in paradise??

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those last shots of the girls on the beach.

  13. Wela Wear rocks!!!! Enjoy your vacation!

  14. What a FUN blog post! Geez.... I wouldn't be able to pick fewer photos either.

    Love those dresses!
    Love the photo what's left of your fish dinner (hee hee)
    Love the silhouettes of the girls on the beach!
    Love the rainbows!

    I'm green with envy and soooooo ready for our vacation!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  15. Anonymous5/24/2010

    Love the pics of our family. It is obvious that everyone is having a ball at the beach and "eating".

  16. Anonymous5/24/2010

    Wonderful Rainbow pictures! Ro's sorbet is totally smiling if you look close enough! LOL

    Lori, TX

  17. Anonymous5/24/2010

    Beautiful pictures, no apology needed, please keep all of them coming. Hope your family is having a blast. As always, the twinados are beautiful !!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy !!

  18. I can't believe I lived in Hawaii for years and years, but never actually made it to Maui. *sigh*

    Glad y'all are having a wonderful vacation. The Wela Wear is perfect for the sand and sun.

  19. The only think keeping it from being a red-letter perfect M3 day? ... Where's the CHOCOLATE???!!!

  20. Just another day in paradise, eh? Nice to see more little sashimi eaters out there. My two can polish off a costco sized Ahi platter in nothing flat.

  21. Wow!!! The whole trip looks wonderful! That rainbow during breakfast was stunning!!! I also LOVE the pictures of Ree jumping in the air by herself and the one of both girls with jumping. They were just pure joy in those pictures.

    Keep the pictures coming!!! I love them all!


  22. Wow!!! (Gotta say right off that your purse camera rocks! Great job mama!!)

    So, so much fun! That first shot with the rainbows is breathtaking! Cannot imagine how wonerful it would be to see them in person while enjoying breakfast #1...or 2! :o)

    Aloha friend! Love ya! xo
    PS - My heart goes out to you not having Wela Wear. I'm sure she could whip one up for you and Fed Ex it before then end of the week couldn't she? ;o)

  23. Such a awesome, awesome trip!! I'm so jealous! Ro and Ree have been to Hawaii and I never have, and i live in CA! So close but so far!!! lol Looks like an awesome time!

  24. Lori -- I do see the smile now!!! Love it!

  25. Have I ever commented before?

    These photos are amazing. I cannot even tell you how much I LOVE the photo of the girls with the rainbow . . .like if you don't print and frame it I might stalk you - snort.

    I am so hoping we can be right there in 5 weeks - cross your fingers.

    Enjoy your time there, well it looks like you are!

  26. Next give away should be an Upcycle by Wela....hint hint hint. Those dresses are beyond adorable!

  27. so thrilled for you all. thx for sharing the awesome pics.