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Sunday, May 23, 2010

We made it -- whahoo, phew, zzzzzzz

Well we made it! That was a long day of traveling. We had a quick “practice” plane ride, a three-hour layover in LA, and then a nice, long, uneventful plane ride to Maui. (Y’all know that “uneventful” is code for “insanely freaking great” in twinado land, right?) We left our house around 8:30am and got into the hotel room around 11pm our time. And our party girls STILL didn’t want to go to bed. TubaDad and I did. Luckily, we won.

A few pics:

Here are the three girls, fooling around taking a quick self portrait while TubaDad was loading our suitcases into the car Saturday morning. (One funny: I asked TubaDad what suitcase he was planning to take and he foolishly said “Oh I’m just going to pack a tiny one, I hardly have any stuff at all.” “Yeah…” I said, “You might want to use the big suitcase, because the girls and I have have a teensy bit of overflow…” Heh. Boy did we... He barely got everything crammed into the biggest suitcase we own.)IMG_0220LR

We brought the girls’ carseats with us, and this horror was uncovered when we pulled them out of the van. We were all kind of in shock. Just stared at it for a minute, then Ro said soberly “Um, mama, maybe you should take a peeshur of dat.”IMG_0221LR

At the beginning of the trip, we were all jaunty and ready for anything. Ro (red shirt) packed Lammie and Ree (green shirt) brought Lambie. They always emphasize that Ree’s friend has a B in his name and Ro’s quite certainly does not. Ok…IMG_0224LR

This sight gave me a little chuckle going through security:IMG_0226LR

We thought we’d be home-free during the plane rides, given the girls’ newfound obsession with the iPad and iPhone. But they barely glanced at our gee-whizzy electronics until the end of the trip, preferring instead to make crazy-messy projects with the little craft kits I picked up at the drugstore. I swear, we’re never going to have these sweeties figured out, are we?:IMG_0231LR


I, however, knew exactly how I would want to spend my time, and the lovely wine and trashy magazines whiled away the time perfectly:IMG_0234LR


We were greeted with gorgeous flower leis at the Maui airport, which TubaDad had thoughtfully ordered in advance. I loved mine, but the girls were pretty unimpressed and wanted them off immediately. So, although they look pretty in the refrigerator right now, we’ll probably skip that little expense next time and put that money straight toward some chocolate-covered macadamia nuts:IMG_0242LR


Saw an awesome sunset as we were driving toward the hotel and grabbed a quick snap through the car window. Oh, that reminds me, I didn’t bring the D300 on this trip, so all pics are taken with the little purse camera:IMG_0251LR

The girls were pretty stir crazy after an entire day of traveling, and were hamming it up by the hotel waterfall and rolling around in the soft Hawaiian grass while TubaDad checked us in:IMG_0259LR


And then we went to bed. :-) Aloha auinapo.


  1. Sweet Potato Pi5/23/2010

    Maui no ka oi! Have a great time!

  2. You guys are going to have a blast. My FIL lives in Wailuku and we are visiting in August. It will be our daughter's and son's first time there. My husband just gave me this link this morning:


    I thought about the girls when I saw Jawz Tacos. :)

  3. Soooo much fun! What great little travelers Ro and Ree are! After last trip with Tate as a lapchild (to Florida), I made the wise decision ...no more lapchild travel for me!

    You guys looks so cute and HAPPY!


  4. Wish I was there. That reminds me I need a new purse camera. Let me know what you have. These pics look great. I don't want to take my Nikon to Disney. Too heavy to tote around.

  5. You look like you're having a marvelous time. Say 'hi' to the ocean for H2 & S2.

  6. Have a blast and I hope that when you make your trip home it's just as uneventful!

  7. Anonymous5/23/2010

    I don't know what makes me more jealous, the trip to Maui, or a couple of hours reading trashy celebrity mags while drinking wine! Ok, I am more jealous of Maui. Maybe.

    Can't wait to follow your trip! Love the family shot with the lei's, it is beautiful. That should be framed. Have fun!!



  8. Hawaii... haven't been there in a while. We should have gone with you - given the rain we have here.


  9. Oh, I just know y'all will be having a ball!

  10. No one's mentioned it... but I'm so glad you shared a pic of what was under the car seat. Makes me not feel so bad for finding so many chicken McNuggets under ours last week. Have a wonderful trip!

  11. Glad you got in safe...go have fuuuunnnn!!!

  12. I LOVE the underneath the carseat pic. Thanks for sharing it. I recently had a teenager tell me that the back of the van was a mess...and I almost made him walk home--until I saw how bad it was!! Yikes!

    Your Hawaiian is the best ;)


  13. Okay. So we are jealous with a capital J and everything in between. Our WHOLE garden froze last night. Loved the whole entire post, but

    LOVED the car seat photo! Oh my gosh! That made me laugh and feel a bit happy too....that is how we are! Terrific.

    Have a great time.

  14. The car seat photo is hilarious...and completely normal. :)

    We wrapped Peter's old booster seat in a cute little bow and gave it to Caroline for Christmas. She LOVED it, until she opened the little cupholders and saw dirt-covered melted candy in them and wondered why Santa didn't clean it better before giving it to her. (oops!)

    Now if you can find a shave ice (not "shaved"), that's a real Hawaiian treat the girls will like!

    Enjoy your trip!

  15. Hey Melissa, the purse camera is a Canon S90 (I had to go look because I couldn't remember the number, sheesh). It's a good one. All of my purse camera's have been Canons, and my big camera is a Nikon D300.

  16. Heh! Just when you thought you had the whole travel thing figured out. Who knew??

    Wonderful to hear that you've arrived safely. Off to read your next post.