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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The most boneheaded move ever (seriously)

TubaDad was in Boston yesterday and our air conditioner was on the fritz. In sweltering 94-degree heat, no less. So the girls and I amused ourselves with cool water while we waited for the saintly A/C repair dude.

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After the blessed A/C system was repaired and beginning to chug away again (the inside of our house was 89 degrees at that point), we decided to beat the heat by going to the movies. Might sound pretty tame, but it was a really really big deal for Ro and Ree. See, they’ve never been to the movies before. They just never had any interest, their attention spans were laughably non-existent (so we were chicken to take them), and most movies had something that scared the buhjeezus out of them. But they’ve gotten braver recently, plus it was really freaking hot in the house. I figured the worst thing that could happen was that we would take a nice cool drive in the van, they’d last 15 or 20 minutes in the theater, then we’d beat a hasty retreat and take another nice cool drive in the van. Only it didn’t happen. They munched happily on their snacks, didn’t make a peep during the movie, and sat through the entire one hundred and three minutes of Toy Story 3 (in 3D). Color me surprised!


When we returned home, the inside temperature was back to a nice, lovely 75 degrees. Ahhhhhh. We fooled around a little, cleaned up the house, then double locked all of the doors inside and out and went to sleep. (The place is closed up tighter than Fort Knox when TubaDad travels.) Normally the story would end here, but unfortunately this one didn’t…

I hate to even admit this in public, and am only saying it outloud because I am wracked with guilt. Ugh… Ok, here it is:

I screwed up the day of TubaDad’s return from his business trip. He came home in the middle of the night last night and couldn’t get in the house. !!!!!!! He called a bunch of times, but the phone doesn’t ring upstairs so I didn’t hear anything and just kept sleeping away. And he said he didn’t want to make a huge neighbor-alerting racket and start pounding on doors, so he went and slept in a hotel. !!!!!! A hotel. After “sleeping” on the redeye flight Sunday night, going straight into business meetings Monday morning, then hopping back on a plane and traveling half the day back home. Oh my word, the guilt. I feel horrible. And moronic. Horribly moronic. Ugh. So there it is. I’ll be spending the next month or more attempting to make it up to him in case you wonder why he’s golfing every weekend or eating Mexican food every night or getting breakfast in bed or whatever he wants.


  1. Oh, dear... oh, well... all will be forgiven... know why? Because he's laid-back TubaDad and you're artsy, excitable (and slightly absent-minded) M3. It's why you love each other. And why we love you.

    Wasn't TS3/3D wonderful? I cried. Savannah sobbed. (She's still pregnant, so that was to be expected.) I loved it.

  2. So funny! Poor guy!
    I want to go see Toy Story, but don't dare take Sol to the theater. He's definitely not into TV (or movies) at all. We'll see.

  3. We took Emma to watch the same movie but she didn't like it too much. The Strawberry bear was a big "no no" for her.
    You should check about the $1 dollar movies going on now during the summer. These movies do get full.

  4. Anonymous6/30/2010

    Oh my... I can exactly see that whole scenario taking place, and it sounds like tubadad is a pretty go with the flow kind of guy, so you're probably beating yourself up way too much over this. But of course he'll milk the golf and bed and breakfast routine for all it's worth. ;-)

  5. Ok, everyone so far is taking it really easy on you. Sorry, no can do.

    As a fellow traveling father who always tries to come home early I just can't believe that you'd strand him outside. That you'd not hear the phone. That you'd not check your email. How could you do that to him? The poor guy didn't dare to make enough noise to wake you up and went to a hotel? I just can't believe it.

    TubaDad, you and I need to do a nice twin dad thing to compensate you for that emotional trauma. A few days on the beach, maybe? I'm sure K2 will agree that me helping you to get over this injustice is important enough to leave her alone with the kids... I'd suggest that I come to NoCal right now, but sadly I'm sitting in Beijing myself at the moment.

    I'm reasonably sure that K2 knows when I'll be back. And there's a chance that she and my twins might even be around... actually I hope so as they are supposed to pick me up at the airport :-)

    Ok, I'll admit - that's the hardest I've laughed all day...

  6. Oh my! That is funny and horrible all at the same time.

  7. Don't be too hard on yourself. You were working quite hard too. That being said, a little Mexican and golf never hurt anything.

  8. Too funny. I am sure he thought it was funny and how considerate of him. I too lock our house like fort know when the daddy is away, and I have big boys a t home. hahaHope enjoys all of his make up for your mistake.

  9. awww...M3!!!

    that is SO SAD!!!

    and hysterical. sorry. i don't know to how to pat you on the back and tell you it will be alright while i'm bent over backwards laughing.

    babies are growing up, 'eh? sat for all 103 minutes of the LAST toy story? i hear it was a tear jerker in the end.

  10. LOL! What a great laugh to wake up to in the morning! And oh yah, D2's comments just added to the giggles! Gotta love a good friend who can dish it out to a girl who can take it!

    Oh well, at least you have reenforcements moving in while TD gets in some well deserved golf! An oh yah, this friend will take one for the team and happily munch away on mexican food with him.

    Love you friend! Love that you're oh so human...and can laugh at yourself and share it with us! You brighten our days!!

    Love you sweetie. ONE MORE SLEEP!!!!!! xoxo

  11. Thanks for giving me my first laugh of the day. Actually, it was more like a guffaw.

  12. Anonymous6/30/2010

    Um, there are times I want to go to a hotel for the night and get a good night's rest alone, so I can think of worse things to happen to TubaDad.
    We once had the police pounding at our door in the middle of the night b/c they were chasing some guy and thought he ran through our backyard. I found all this out later b/c I slept through the whole thing! They came back the next day and let's just say they weren't playing Officer Friendly at that point! Oops. I promise I wasn't harboring a fugitive!

  13. Skipping right to the pictures - LOVE that 6th photo. Oh my gosh - it's sooooo cute...Her smile is so natural and cute! I love it!!!!!!

  14. LOL! Awww...sweet TubaDad. M3, you are so blessed. But so is he! :-)

  15. Oh my gosh that sounds like something I would do!! Hugs to you. I am quite sure he will forgive you in no time :) Especially after you got the AC fixed for him!

  16. Oh my goodness... how horrible! It is hard to believe that he was so nice and just went to a hotel. I can't really see any of the husbands I know doing that. (mine included)
    I am sure all will be forgiven soon.

  17. Oh my gosh, that is just too funny! I am the same way when my hubby travels. Poor Tuba Dad . . . Thanks for the laugh, though--I REALLY needed one this morning! :)

  18. Oh, that's a good one! I've done some really bonehead moves like that too (and don't have the guts to share them in public LOL). Glad the girls enjoyed the movie, my kids loved it as well. And I have to admit I got a little teary eyed at the end, it was a sweet movie.

  19. At least there was air conditioning when TubaDad was able to get back into the house. ;-)

    And D2, honey, it's SO NICE of you to offer to take all four of the twins to the beach so that M3 and I can relax and help her to recover from the trauma of locking TubaDad out of the house. You're coming home on the 7th, right? Or was that the 8th? Oh well, I'm sure you'll call to remind me.

  20. I had to go back and read the title of this post b/c I thought it read "movie" instead of "move" and I was truely confused why you would have thought Toy Story 3 was boneheaded. Too funny though what happened. My husband would have slept through something like that. I wake at a gnat fart as he says. That was our first movie going as an entire family of 6. Only one wouldn't sit still.

  21. Poor TubaDad! What a guy! I am sure he will forgive you. We haven't taken our girls to a movie theatre yet. but may try it soon. Love the hats!

  22. Well, at least you have a good story to remember for years and years and years...

    As for the movie, we're thinking of taking our girls. It would be the first movie for both of them. Baby boy is still too little, though.

  23. Aww. Poor Tuba Dad

  24. What a laugh about what you did to poor hubby!
    Also, on top of having no A/C, I think my brain would have melted a bit too!
    Going to the movies sounds really great, will need to try it with AA soon.
    Enjoyed the post; all in all a day brightener!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  25. Well, it could be worse! Really!

    I was gabbing on the phone (pre-motherhood days), and my friends and I could gab for hours! And hours!

    One night, while one friend and I were gabbing, her 7 year old was on a sleepover. Said daughter got cold feet, and wanted to come home. This was before the days of callus-interuptus, and my friend never got the call. :( So parents drove up to the house, and knocked on the door. My friend didn't hear a thing. We wuz gabbing! Apparently, the parent who drove my friend's daughter home, banged and banged and even tried to knock on a few windows. Nothing! So, she took her daughter back home, for said sleepover!

    Can you imagine the guilt of that mom?????? My friend talked about that phone call for years!!

    At least your hubby had a credit card and could book himself into a hotel!

    Your story will be a good story, for milking, for years to come!

    Go easy on yourself!!!
    Snick :)
    dd Sunshine 9 Viet Nam
    dd Brilliance 4 China

  26. I did the same thing once and hubby and I had had a bit of a spat one the phone that day...it took quite a bit of explaining, not to mention apologizing.
    You are a bigger woman than I cos you blogged about it :o)

  27. No one can blame you! If he'd come home and you hadn't even locked the door or something, that'd be a bigger deal, right?

    One time something similar happened with my roommate and I (she had put the chain on the door the night I came back from vacation). I tried calling both phones, pounding on the door...FINALLY she answered. I would have knocked on her window next, but I didn't want to scare her!

  28. How funny! That happened to me once back in the day with a boyfriend. He came home from work pretty late and I'm quite the heavy sleeper. He called and knocked for a good while but wasn't able to bang since we lived in an apartment building that Imanaged. I woke up in the morning to a lot of missed calls from him and a few residents who saw him knocking. He slept in the back of my SUV.

    So don't feel too bad, you're not the only one who's done it!

  29. Oh, my gosh! That is funny! That will be one of those stories you tell over and over again.

    I love the hats the girls are wearing. They are always so very stylish. :)

  30. Hey, if that is the worse you ever do, no big deal at all! That actually was very sweet of him not wanting to make too much noise.

    Glad to hear that the girls loved the movie. LiLi did get a little scared in parts (she hates to see things/people in trouble) but over all, she loved it. Do you guys have any free movies around there? We have them Tuesday and Wednesday. Just look it up on line and you might find something. That is how LiLi first learned to sit in a movie. I would take her and I figured, hey if she doesn't act right...it's free! No big deal.

    Oh- I love how the girls traded shoes at the movie. Cute!!!

  31. Sorry, had to laugh but poor TD. Good that the girls enjoyed the movie, they're growing up!!

  32. Love that they went to the movies. LOVED the story of locking out Tubadad. I am going to laugh about that all day!

  33. Oh my, that's a little funny but wow, what a great guy for going to sleep elsewhere !