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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fashion (and I use that term extremely loosely) friday

Catherine is on her way to our house right this minute and we are so excited to see her and to meet baby Hannah (squeal!). I’m sure we’ll have one or two pictures of the kiddos together in the days to come. Heh.

In the meantime, here’s what the girls thought proper pajama party attire looked like tonight. I’m not even sure what to call this style? Ree has on a fleecy pj top around her chest like a tube top, a ballerina tutu skirt around her right shoulder, a pair of striped pj shorts around her left shoulder, and red pj shorts on her actual legs. Ro (who wouldn’t stop making odd faces at me) is wearing a similar layered style with random pieces in even more random places.DSC_6770LR_adobeRGBDSC_6773LR_adobeRGB

In this picture, they’re upstairs in our bedroom looking sideways at the weird “live” tv that has an odd thing called “commercials.” Why? Because our beloved huge screen tv down in the family room convulsed and died a tragic death during the power outage we had this weekend. Now all we can see is a green blinking light on the front. TubaDad googled it and found out that users have dubbed it “the green blinking light of death.” Now that just doesn’t sound promising at all, does it? TubaDad and BobBob are going to try some fancy capacitor welding replacement thing, but if it doesn’t work, we are looking at a HUGE replacement cost and are all kind of ticked off about it.

Oooh, I hear the garage door opening, TubaDad is pulling in with Catherine and Hannah!!!!!! More later! Must go hug!


  1. Anonymous7/02/2010

    Ohhhhhh I have been waiting for Catherine to arrive!!!! Can't wait to see what you two will be up to. Dont make us wait too long for a new post!!!! Hee hee. Have fun!!!!!


  2. Have a wonderful time with Catherine and Hannah.Can't wait to see the pics with the girls.

    They are quite the characters aren't they? Love their unique styling :)

  3. Dead TV's = no fun! Enjoy Catherine time! :)

  4. Can't wait to hear all the great time you'll have. I am eager to hear about Ree, Ro and Hannah meeting for the 1st time. :)

  5. Anonymous7/02/2010

    Can't wait to see pictures of the three girls together. I think you and Catherine have it sewn up for greatest moms in US and Canada!

  6. Anonymous7/02/2010

    Wonder if your homeowners insurance would cover?

  7. Anonymous7/02/2010

    Can't wait to see All the fun that awaits! Those are 3 lucky girls to have TWO very special moms!

  8. Michal just took one look at the first picture and said, "Wow. Super babies."

    Don't tell Ro and Ree she called them babies. I know she didn't mean it. :)

  9. LOve how creative these outfits are! They gave me a chuckle. Have funw ith Catherine and Hannah and see you soon!

  10. Have a wonderful time with Catherine and Hannah.....I hope you girls post lots of pics:)

    Love the girls choices for the "pajama party" look......I still say fashion designers in the making:)

    Sorry to hear about your TV....that plain stinks~

    Happy Holiday Weekend~