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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A really great, really hot day

We woke up at the crack of dawn (haha, if you’ve read this blog for awhile, you know that means about 7:30 in salsaland), grabbed our lawn chairs and raced to a nearby street corner to watch the speedsters roar by. You can see that we didn’t bother with niceties like showering, brushing hair, or even changing the girls out of the Wela Wear dresses that they wore all day yesterday and then slept in. Meh. No one cared, and every driver waved to the little girls as they sped by, even the big burly guys:DSC_6035LRDSC_6063LR DSC_6132LR

My bro and dad were especially happy to see our little audience of four, and the girls nearly popped with excitement when #44 drove by:DSC_6103LR2

After a brief break for eating, playing on the play structure, swimming, resting, and eating some more (it wasn’t really brief, I guess, since the speedster run lasted about 8 hours), we sauntered down to the finish line and hooted and clapped and cheered on the returning drivers. That lineup of cars was pretty dang cool.DSC_6177LR

And the girls got to hang out in their fave speedster:DSC_6197LRDSC_6200LRDSC_6209LR3

They look pretty comfy in there, don’t they?

They got even comfier when BobBob took them for a little spin or two or three around the block (it always starts out as one ride, and then they con him into more):DSC_6223LR2DSC_6230LR


Then we grabbed some Chinese food and took our tired-but-happy little girls home and slid them into bed. After spending the whole day in what felt like hundred-degree heat, they are just cooked. (Hm, so am I.) Bet they sleep in tomorrow!

Congratulations to all the speedster drivers! What a great event.


  1. just read this blog, I think your girls are perfect for the Calendar! should you submit a lovely photo? check this out:

  2. What an awesome day! thanks for sharing.

  3. I know I have said it before, but you guys just do the coolest things!

  4. Love the girls in the antique cars, planes! Such memories. I know I miss my grandpa's 1942 Ford. We always had such a good time when he had it out!

  5. Perfect. I know you got some solid zzzz's after a day like that.

  6. Gosh, you can really see what beauties the girls are growing into... looks like a fun day!

  7. I'm sorry... I'm still stuck on the crack of dawn comment. I would pay BIG MONEY for the Tongginator to sleep in until 7:30. Heh.

    Loved seeing your day though. Glad you woke up at "the crack of dawn" to do it.

  8. Anonymous6/14/2010

    I love it!! Memories....making such great memories. I am being nostalgic. I loved my Grandmother so much and lost her when I was 22. Your girls are making such great memories with your dad. As are you! :)

  9. What gorgeous girls! I'm looking forward to meeting you (and them) at the McDonald's event this week!


  10. That looks like so much fun!