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Friday, July 2, 2010

We heart Catherine (and Hannah!)

We are just tickled pink to hang out with Catherine and baby Hannah (who is SO cute and so tiny I just can’t help but grin when I look at her). Adorableness.

Ro and Ree are taking their roles as big-girl helpers quite seriously. Ree, in particular, holds Hannah’s hands everywhere she goes, steers her away from “sharp corners” and brings all sorts of toys and fun lovelies for Hannah to enjoy. Makes us all giggle.

There was a little snafu with the flights yesterday, and poor Catherine and Hannah were routed all over the dang place. They finally arrived late at night (one smiling and one snoozing), and we all breathed a sigh of relief. I love little Hannah’s Canadian maple shoes that were peeking out in honor of Canada Day.DSC_6774LR

This morning we all hung out in jammies, and Ro and Ree showed Hannah how to make and decorate cupcakes on their beloved iPad. Hannah banana fits right in. So does Catherine, for that matter. You know you’re in the presence of a dear friend when you walk around all morning in PJs with no bra, no makeup, and no shower, and don’t even give it a second thought:DSC_6786LR DSC_6798LR

Then we whiled away a few cool, refreshing hours at the pool (Ro and Ree are seriously swimming like fish at this point, check out this video I took at their swim lesson yesterday). IMG_1838LR IMG_1839LR

Someone was lulled to sleep by the peaceful waters. Awwwww.:IMG_1841LR

And two other someones swam so much that they needed a second breakfast:IMG_1842LR

Good times. Now we’ve all showered and gotten dressed and are starting to think about decorating for the little family graduation party we’re having tonight. Ro and Ree are excited, and so are we. I’ll probably have one or two more pictures to post later from the party, and maybe even a video since TubaDad is going to play pomp and circumstance on the tuba while the girls march around in their mini caps and gowns. Hee!


  1. Awww, her baby is adorable and I agree, those little shoes are adorable!!

  2. Anonymous7/02/2010

    Aah, the two great mamas are together in the same house. Lucky kiddos!

  3. Those are some super cute girlies! Looks like you had a fun day!
    Kelly (mom to 3 bios and a cutie from Shaanxi)

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  5. Let's try that again...

    Have lots of fun, all you sweet girls!


  6. Hannah is just adorable!

  7. Yeah!!!! I have been checking both blogs all day to see any updates. I just love the pictures of the girls together on the steps!!! Very cute!!! Hannah in the pool sleeping is too sweet!!! I bet the twins look very big next to Hannah.

    Have a great time and enjoy your visit. Of course make sure to post 5 times a day!!! ;0)


  8. Aww....fun times. Enjoy the holiday week-end together!

  9. Oh my goodness, is she just so ever precious?! Catherine must be over the moon. She looks like a natural Momma.

    Best to you all,

    Indiana Lori

    P.S. I couldn't agree more about good friends. College friends I haven't seen in 15 years came over yesterday, and I didn't even put on make up. I let the girls dress themselves. Some friends are just that good!

  10. Hooray! I just noticed your countdown! I can't wait to see you all again. I knew Catherine and Hannah were headed our way--so big bonus--we'll get to see so many fun friends!~

    See you soon.


  11. Looks like such a nice visit!! What cute little girls:)

  12. Say hello to Cafrin for us! Enjoy!

    And yes, I understand about the good friends. Spent a week in TX with a friend and she didn't mind me folding her clothes for her since she had surgery.

  13. Anonymous7/02/2010

    Finally got to meet sweet little Hannah, yea! We danced and hugged and yes, Ro and Ree are good "big" girls watching out for Hannah.


  14. We're SO glad to be here!! What fun it's been to finally see all our sweet girls together! Ro and Ree, thanks for all your amazing help with Hannah! She sure is enjoying playing with you!!

  15. Anonymous7/02/2010

    have fun Hannah and Cathrine!

  16. Sounds like a great start to a great visit. Hannah is SO cute!

  17. Love seeing the girls together! Dreams reallllly do come true! We are so looking forward to seeing ALL of you on Monday!! :)