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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The fastest post ever

Catherine and I are heading out to Utah tomorrow morning to meet up with awesome blogging mamas Laurel, Kim, Lisa S, Donna, Lisa W, and Tiffany, so if I don’t throw these Gilroy Gardens pics up right this minute (even tho I just put up the beach post), I’ll never get to them. Can I make up for the lack of words with a video? Here’s the first time any of us rode the Rattler Rollercoaster. Whee!

(direct link to video)

IMG_2074LR IMG_2060LR IMG_2064LR IMG_2068LR IMG_2078LR IMG_2090LR IMG_2098LR IMG_2106LR IMG_2109LR IMG_2111LR IMG_2129LR IMG_2138LRIMG_2143LR

Fun!!!! Every successful Gilroy Gardens visit ends with snoring kids in the car, ya know! Next post will be from Utah! Cheers.


  1. What a blast!! I couldn't believe how brave Hannah was and I'm sure much of it had to do with your helpful kiddos! They were so sweet riding all the rides together!

    Let the party continue! Utah, here we come!!!

  2. Man, Utah sounds like so much fun. Can't wait to read yours and
    Catherine's blog about all of the adventures. Have fun and I am sure plenty of memories will be made.

  3. Anonymous7/08/2010

    LOOOVE your header photo!!!!

  4. Too much fun! Hope you guys have an amazing trip!!

  5. Have fun in Utah! I just love how beautiful that state is.

    We also love Gilroy Gardens. I hope you all had fun.

  6. Love the video. That reminds me of the mine train roller coasters at Six Flags in GA and TX. (About as brave as I get on an amusement park ride, for the record.) Have fun in Utah!!!

  7. Kristina7/08/2010

    Looks like you are still having non-stop fun! Continue with more fun in Utah! Have a safe and FUN FUN FUN trip! HUGS!