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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Feelin’ the sand between our toes (well at least some of us)

Catherine told us that Hannah had never been to the beach. And, after closing our gaping mouths (I think it was about as shocking as the last time she visited and told us she had never worn flip flops), we filled the van to the brim with sand toys, beach chairs, food, and car seats, and roadtripped to Twin Lakes beach in Santa Cruz. Sweet kiddo couldn’t visit California and not plop her tush in the sand at least once.

We called locals Kayce and Jen to see if their lovely daughters could come play too, and we were in luck! Around noon on Monday our fleet of minivans and SUVs converged in the really crowded parking lot (note to self: Monday after the 4th is really crowded because of the holiday) and the party began.

I should probably explain who’s who before just dropping names and insanely cute kid pics hither and thon. So, over on the left you’ve got Ro (giving the prison me the guard face she is now fond of showing us in pictures) and Ree (4.5 years old, both born in Hubei, China); then Jen with her older daughter Amara (3.5 years old) and her brand new daughter Sosina (12 months old, both born in Ethiopia), then Kayce with her brand new daughter Jennifer (14 months old, born in Jiangxi,China) then Catherine with her sweetie pie Hannah (16 months old, born in Hunan, China). DSC_4021LR

What fun! I should also mention that the weatherman (who Ro and Ree so mightily distrust and disparage at any opportunity) was completely wrong on his forecast yet again. It was supposed to be 75 degrees and if it hit 55 I’ll give you my favorite pair of flip flops.

Whatever… We’re not complete wusses, we put on an extra layer of clothes, broke out bags and bags of comfort food, and settled into those comfy beach chairs. Ahhhhh.

I have the feeling that Hannah and Jennifer could be best buds.DSC_3949LR

It was Sosina’s first trip to the beach too! I think veteran beach goer Jennifer was showing her the ropes.DSC_3972LR

Ro thinking that maybe she needs to add some more squint to her prison-guard stare.DSC_3952LR DSC_3955LR DSC_4000LR

Oh, get ready Hannah, because you are about to feel how icy Northern California beach water can be. Hm… not a fan? Note the leg extension. She eventually got those knees up to her elbows. Hee.DSC_3966LR

First water on the toes. Wheeeee!DSC_3970LR

Amara and Ree were doing some kind of wave-calling dance, if you ask me. It was adorable and hilarious to watch.

At one point Hannah climbed into the beach chair beside me and I was gabbing away with everyone while steadying the arm of Hannah’s chair. Well, that was apparently not ok. She grabbed my hand, gave me the stink eye, and very deliberately pushed my hand away. Ok, no biggie, I totally get the independent girl thingie. But the next thing I know, she had tipped the chair over and looked like this.DSC_4014LR

I’d tell you I didn’t laugh, but come on, it was DANG funny!!!!

PS: Gilroy Gardens pics to come, but they’ll have to wait as we’re madly packing for our plane ride to Utah tomorrow morning. Yipes, better get busy…


  1. What fun!! Hannah and I think there are no better peeps to visit the ocean with for the very first time then those we were with!!

    LOL! Still giggling histarically at the last pic. Hmmm, you'd think her mommy would grab for a towel to wipe her off rather than the camera! Ummm...nope! All was well and she was soon climbing and digging in the sand again. Thanks for rescuing my sandy sweetie Auntie M3!!

  2. It was such a fun day with everyone! I wish I had of taken more pic...guess we'll have to do it again next time Catherine and Hannah come for a visit! Thanks for the fun!

  3. Ok I love the first picture. How cute are all of you and your little ones together. And how awesome is that wave in the background.

    And awww sweet Hannah! Look at that sandy face! (and dont worry Catherine, I would have went for the camera first too! Gotta document it! LOL)

  4. Anonymous7/08/2010

    Even several states away, the love is palpable . . .

  5. Kristina7/08/2010

    Beach fun too! Catherine you really need to move closer to us and be here all the time! Hannah looked like she survived and could go for some more beach fun! Love all the fun mama and girly pics!

  6. This was such a fun day!! Thanks for putting it together.