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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Water girls

You’d be hard pressed to find a water-averse person around this house. Our girls adore the water (oceans, lakes, streams, pools, baths, water guns, buckets of water in the backyard, cups of water that they can fill with a motley assortment of materials and sneak into the house, etc.) and so do Catherine and Hannah. So I guess it’s only natural that we spent a fair bit of time at the pool and the ocean in the last two days.

Yesterday was pool day, which was made even more special because TubaDad could join us. Poor guy never gets to frolic in the pool with us. The girls were giddy that they got to swim with daddy and show him all their new tricks.IMG_2015LRIMG_2021LR IMG_2027LR3

Catherine and Hannah basked in the pool too. Hannah liked to jump in and get her head wet. I tried to get a few mama/daughter pics for Catherine because I know how it is when you’re always the one holding the camera: DSC_3938LRDSC_3940LR DSC_3942LRLR3 IMG_2012LR

After the pool, TubaDad left on a business trip (I will NOT lock him out when he returns this time, will not will not will not) and the five girls gleefully headed toward the nearest mall. Unfortunately, our plans were somewhat thrown off by the kids who suddenly started snoring in the back. Oops.P7040429

No prob. Catherine and I just tag teamed who was sitting in the car and who ran into Target. Then for some weird reason after everyone woke up, Catherine broke her solemn vow to never again go purse shopping with me as long as we both shall live. Whoa!!! You know I was lightning fast to accept the offer. We raced to Kohl’s (the only place still open after 7pm on the 4th of July) and -- drumroll please -- I think I actually found a keeper. We’ll see, heh heh. My fave line of the day was when we walked in and I picked up one of those big bags with cute little short rounded handles and said “Ooooo, I wonder if I could learn to like this style?” and without missing a beat Catherine commanded “NO! Put it down!” and we moved on to my customary style of over-the-shoulder straps. Hee! You gotta love shopping with someone who knows you so well and isn’t afraid to be honest (and right!!!). This post is getting way too long already, so I’m afraid that Monday’s beach pictures will have to go in another post. We met up with beach locals Kayce and Jen and their brood of adorable kiddos up in Santa Cruz and have oh-so-many beach firsts to share.


  1. Oh my, I LOVE that picture of Catherine and Hannah. I have one girl who is like yours (cannot get her out of the water) and one who I have to almost force to get into it :-)

  2. Anonymous7/06/2010

    Love your photos! Precious girls! While I am here I have a question for you. Have you ever taken photos of the girls running through the sprinklers? You have the same camera as I do so I thought maybe you would have an answer for me. Mine always come out awful more or less. Seems the camera always wants to focus on the water and not the kids. Got any ideas? I am sure the shutter speed was high enough so not sure what the problem is.


  3. Anonymous7/06/2010

    Oh the water babies are precious, all three. So glad I got to meet and play with Hannah.

  4. Anonymous7/06/2010

    Anon -- you have to put your camera on manual focus to get the camera to focus on the kid instead of the water. The best thing to do is pick the spot where the best action is, have a kid stand there, focus your camera on the kid, then have the kids run through and snap just when a kid hits that spot. I photograph a lot of swim meets and those darn water drops ruin a lot of pictures.

  5. There are few things as cute as little itty bitty baby feet...

  6. Love the mommy-daughter shots! ... And I'm so excited now that my own little ones will start swimming this year. ;)

  7. What cute photos of all the "water girls" How sweet is Hannah resting on her Mommy......that is definitely a shot to be framed.

    I started cracking up when I read about the purse shopping......I remember the post from teh last time you girls tried to go purse shopping together......too funny!! Yes, it sounds like Catherine definitely knows you:)

    Hope you had a Happy 4th~


  8. Yep, as usual...you're having lots of fun. I had to laugh thinking about you and Catherine purse shopping. I have a friend like that (we bought about 40 between the two of us on our first trip to China - don't ask about the second. Ahem.)And she speaks to me in a similar fashion.

  9. Love it. So much fun. Love the picture of Catherine and Hannah. See you all soon!!!

  10. The pic of the girls with their noodles almost looks like synchronized swimming. Very cute!