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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ya gotta love a holiday where everyone wears coordinating outfits!

It’s just heaven for a photo nut like me. Whee! In this first (beautifully color-coordinated) pic, Ree is on the left, then Ro, the girls’ BFF Savannah, and little Hannah. They’re standing in front of the 1930 Model A roadster that I drove in college until I melted a piston and cracked the engine block. (true story) After that I was “downgraded” to a Ford Escort. Heh. Good times. Anyhow, my folks (along with all of their fun antique auto friends) drove in an awesome local parade this morning. We had fun waving to everyone we know, and the kids had fun collecting as much candy as they could grab.IMG_1849LRPS_copyLR

Maggie was our hero and schlepped over to the parade route yesterday and put out seats and her golf cart to reserve this huge space for us. Thanks Maggie!!IMG_1850LR

Beautiful fourth-of-July Ro:IMG_1854LR

Gorgeous patriotic Ree:IMG_1855LR

The girls all ready for the parade. Got popcorn. Got lawn chairs. Life is good:IMG_1858LR

It was blazing hot, and it cracked me up to see the girls trying to find any tiny bit of shade they could:IMG_1862LR

The local firemen are always super popular among the kids:IMG_1878LR3

The mad dash for candy!IMG_1897LR IMG_1909LR

Whoohoo, I got a piece!IMG_1914LR

At the end of the parade, the three big girls hopped into the rumbleseat and rode in style to the picnic area:IMG_1945LR

We all headed home in the middle of the day and just took it easy. Plenty of time for showers, food, naps, backyard play, whatever… Then were raring  to go for the fireworks party. Oh my gosh the kids all looked SO cute!!! (Yes, I’m unrepentantly biased). From left: Sweet Melly (BFF and neighbor), Ro and Ree (wearing Wela Wear that I designed and begged my poor mom to make in the few minutes she was actually home this month), Savannah, and Hannah (wearing mini Wela Wear).IMG_1975LR

The kids loved the funny balloon dude (the guy was like a comedian with latex):IMG_1953LR IMG_1956LR

The tennis game is always fun (all the little kiddos get “help” and everyone wins a prize):IMG_1978LR

There was a little bit of bouncy-house roughhousing (most of it coming from the twins, if you ask me). TubaDad and I stood at each window and tried to keep the girls from squashing any fragile twelve-year-old boys.IMG_2000LR

Then we all strolled down to the grass and the kids ran up and down the hills while we waited for the fireworks to start. It was getting really dark, and there were hundreds of kids with glowsticks running around – it got a little crazy out there. Every time our little band of runners took off, I’d stand up with a flashlight and wave it back and forth until they all returned safely to our blanket. I felt like an air traffic controller. Heh. Then we watched the spectacular fireworks show. (I think Catherine got a video of the amazing finale.) Man we love our neighborhood.IMG_2002LR

Awesome day. And night. It’s 8:30am the next morning as I’m writing this and the kids are still sleeping. Wow, I guess we finally figured out how much fun they need to have to tucker them out.

Happy Fourth of July! Hope your day is packed with fun, family, friends, food, and fireworks.


  1. Is that a matching Wela Wear purse Catherine is holding?

  2. Why yes it is... :-) Again, my HUGE apologies to my mother, but (two days ago) I thought it would be so cute if she used the leftover fabric to make little bags that matched the dresses. Mom, you did an AWESOME job on the outfits and the matching purses. And next time I'll come up with crazy ideas with more than one day's notice.

  3. Looks like tons of fun! Great job Wela, the outfits are super adorable.
    Happy Independence Day!

  4. Love the individual pictures of Ro and Re. The skin tones are fantastic. I ned a lesson.

  5. The wee purses are so perfect for candy collecting at the parade route - and they can use them next year, too! Great pics & so much fun!

  6. Love the Wela wear dresses...your mom needs to start her own business. I noticed the matching purse too, how cute.

    Looks like lots of fun was had by all!

  7. Wow the dresses look gorgeous on Ro and Ree and Hannah! Just beautiful!!! Hannah looks sooo teeny next to your girls!

  8. So much fun!
    And your mom does such a fabulous job on the girls' clothes! Maybe if she isn't planning on selling items, we all could get a tutorial on your blog? I'd love to try to make some myself!

  9. Wela wear rocks...and so do visits from Cafrin and hannah. The fun factor always seems to be racheted up when Miss C is around and makes for fun reads.

    Happy and Safe 4th to you all.

  10. WHAT FUN. that popcorn photo is priceless.

    we're drenched in non-stop rain today. it was nice to see some sunny holiday photos!

  11. spotted those wela dresses from picture 1-- we have the same shirt from target-- LOVE them!!! etsy store, wela! etsy store!!!

  12. Is the town you live in very small or did you just go early? I went to Blaine, Wa today and we couldn't walk through the gazilions of people, yet alone find the front row spots and Blaine is the tiniest border town on earth !

  13. LOVE that sweet Hannah has a mini Wela dress!

  14. Anonymous7/04/2010

    OMG that first picture is soooo cute! Would you just look at that precious Hannah??? I could squeeze her!! She looks like she is giggling in that picture.

    Great pics, and I LOVE the Wela wear! Wela is getting quite the following, she may have to go into business!!!! I wonder if there will be a Wela Wear fall collection!!!!!


  15. Seriously awesome!! Everyone was coordinated at my house today too, except for me. I wore brown. I told the kids it was because I represented the land or dirt. They didn't buy it. They just know I don't have anything that color that fits!

    Happy 4th!!!!

  16. AmyinTexas7/04/2010

    My usual refrain... when is Wela going to get an Etsy shop? Holy cow, I bought my daughter a Hello Kitty sewing machine in the hopes that I too could learn to use it to make my own Wela Wear... but I'd much rather just pay Wela to make it for me! And I'd pay big!

  17. Looks like a great celebration! Was so excited to see Catherine and Hannah meet R&R and you all. Looks like you are all having fun.

    Hey if your mother ever wants to sell her Wela wear on Etsy, I know two little girls who would love a Wela dress!!

    Enjoy your time with Catherine and Hannah.


  18. Love all the Wela-wear. And the matching purses were too, too cute. She outdid herself. She needs to start an Etsy shop!

  19. Love the outfits, love the pictures. I love 4th of July; it makes me feel so proud to be an American :-)

  20. Anonymous7/05/2010

    Ithink Wela should start taking orders! Marlayna

  21. I am in love with that Wela Wear and think all the girls look adorable!

    And I adore that Canadians Catherine and Hannah are all decked out in red, white and blue too!

  22. Anonymous7/05/2010

    WOW! Love the Wela wear! She seriously needs to go into business.

    I'll have you know that yesterday, instead of wearing patriotic outfits, The Jokers wore super frilly cute Christmas pajamas sent by a certain blogger. They would Not. Take. Them. Off. Because nothing says the Fourth of July like Christmas PJs. :-)


  23. My dad is an old-car guy so it sounds like we had a similar teen age driving experience ;) only I down-graded to a VW after my first old-car burnout.

    I LOVE the fourth for the matching outfits, too!!

    Can't wait to see everyone!!


  24. Happy 4th! Your day sounds AWESOME....as usual...hehehe

  25. Too much cuteness!! the outfits are absolutely adorable.....Wela did a fabulous job as per usual!! She should start a little business.....I am sure she would have lots of customers:)

    Looks like you had a fabulous 4th!