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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pre-holiday celebrating

We believe any holiday worth celebrating is worth celebrating for more than one day. So we started our 4th of July celebrations on the 2nd with a fun neighborhood parade, snow-cones, and the slip ‘n slide. It was a good day. Ro is in the firecracker dress and Ree is in the white skirt. (Check out the pics when the girls wore the red shirt for the 4th back in 2009 here and here. Ro’s dress came from H2 and S2, and I’ll bet their folks have a pic of their girls wearing it too).


Someone, actually three someones, were pretty eager to get to the candy parade:

I brought a squirt bottle, and said that anytime someone held up a W (three fingers) I’d squirt the heck out of them. So refreshing on a smokin’  hot day – I’m adding this as a permanent fixture to our beach bag. Notice that Catherine (far right) is not missing out on this action:IMG_0636LR

Thanks for scoring us the front-view rock-star seats, Maggie!IMG_0651LR

I like how they hold hands, even though they were fighting to the death over some toy this morning:

It’s just not a true holiday if you can’t climb a tree:

Catherine made me cry when she broke out this little swimsuit that Ro and Ree used to wear the first year they came home (see the baby chub pics here). Awwwwww!:

True princesses wear their crowns even when Slip ‘n Sliding:

Pretty good run-up for this one. Ree isn’t messing around. Maggie’s nephew loved the Slip n/ Slide too:DSC_7296LR

Doesn’t Ree look completely zen when she’s sliding? I can picture this girl surfing when she’s older:

Oh yeah, Hannah liked it. She liked it all:DSC_7319LR

We broke out the new snow-cone machine and the kids gave it one-hundred thumbs up. I nearly died laughing when Hannah’s tiny arm appeared through a crack in the heavy sliding door to ask for more please. Rumor has it that Catherine might be sneaking one of these snow-cone machines back home:

Catherine and Maggie thought the Rootbeer flavor was tops. The kids seemed to prefer the Blue Raspberry. Any guesses which one I liked? Heh.

Tomorrow’s the party at our house and the big neighborhood fireworks. Yay!

PS: We were all in red and white and had mini pancakes with real maple syrup on the 1st in honor of Canada Day, I’ll have to sneak the back posts in later.


  1. That looks like so much fun, and the girls' outfits are SO cute! Plus, now I really want a snowcone machine... but really I just like the ice, not the flavouring.

  2. Marina7/03/2011

    You always seem to have so much fun!

    They don't seem to sell snow cone machines here in the UK, I LOVE crushed ice and the girls I nanny for would love this cold, fun treat...
    I can't seem to read the name of the machine, can you add a link to your post where you got it from? Maybe they offer international postage.

  3. Anonymous7/03/2011

    In the one slip n slide picture, I think the princess is working on the hula dance for a trip to Hawaiia and Hannah looks like she is either doing ballet or balance beam.. They all look adorable. Enjoyed the pictures.
    Happy 4th of July

  4. Great fun! Happy 4th!

  5. Anonymous7/03/2011

    What a fun day!!!

    Catherine-Did Hannah grow overnight!!??? OMG the picture of her in Ree & Ro's old bathing suit????? WOW she looks so big!! I see the tutu made it all the way to CA too!!! Ha!!

    Can't wait to see the fireworks pictures!!


  6. You guys know how to have fun! Happy Independence Day to you all. :)

  7. I just love the pictures on the slip and slide ...

  8. I found a snow cone maker at a garage sale for $1 and proceeded to spend $6 on the flavors. The kids have loved having it around and it makes summer fun.

  9. Brenda7/03/2011

    Could there BE a cuter trio?? Looks like Hannah is learning from the twinados to let-r-rip and wear your tutu anywhere you want. Also your tiara!

  10. I so agree, you guys know how to have a ton of fun.

  11. Fun times! Have a great visit with C & H. Envious...miss them and can not wait until it is our turn to visit with them!

    Keep smilin!