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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring break

We didn’t go anywhere for spring break, at least nowhere that required a suitcase. Plenty of day trips and laid-back adventures though, including a quick trip to Marine World (they have apparently renamed it Discovery Kingdom, but since we all know how stubborn I am about renaming places we will, naturally, always call it Marine World in this house):

The girls have been begging to go to Chincoteague this summer for the annual wild pony roundup and swim. They had a Misty of Chincoteague movie night (complete with tv dinners, of course) and have been paging through my (now antique) Misty of Chincoteague book. I spent many childhood summer hours riding the horse my great aunt bought at the roundup and brought home in the back of her camper and would love to see the event. So odds are, we’re going:
2013-04-02 18.42.02LR[22]

Had an all-orange lunch one day during spring break. Not sure why, but it amused us:

The girls celebrated their half birthdays (halfway to fifteen, holy moly), with dinner at PF Changs and a trip to the local candy store:
2013-04-06 18.41.18LR[14]

They were pretty thrilled to find out that Baskin Robbins has a new summer flavor called Rock'n Pop Swirl Sherbet (with mini pop rocks inside):

The spent the day at BobBob and Wela’s while TubaDad and I went out for a real dinner (Indian Food, mmmmmm, which the girls won’t touch). They got to ride on the contraption BobBob built:IMG_4594LRIMG_4597LR

This park, while beautiful, will forever after be known as Rattlesnake Park:2013-03-28 15.44.06LR2013-03-28 15.45.32LR

We had a lovely time here, then, while walking up a rock path, a huge snake lunged out of the tall grass at the dog, rattling loudly and hissing. The girls took off screaming down the hill, and I think I stopped breathing for a minute (or 10). Everyone was ok, including Dusty, but we were freaked out for a long while afterwards. Ok, still am.


  1. Anonymous4/13/2013

    Just reading about the rattlesnake scared the beejesus out of me. That would have been my very last visit to the park FOREVER.

    I'm curious--what all did you eat that was orange?

    A trip to VA sounds just great!! Now we will all wonder if you will bring home a pony or two.

    1. No kidding. I'm still jumpy.

      Let's see, the orange stuff (from outside in on both girls, which wasn't planned) goldfish, mac and cheese, mandarin oranges, and orange juice in glasses that they wrapped orange paper around.

      No ponies, definitely not. (shaking head emphatically)

    2. The ponies are actually on Assateague Island now. It's a bit of a misnomer.

      I highly recommend treating yourselves to some Maryland/Chesapeake hard crabs when you go. They are out of this world good! (you can always stop by a McDonald for your picky eaters)I thought I didn't like sea food but I now make a huge exception for delicious crabs.

      Also DC isn't a super long distance away from the bay. Might also be a good place for the girls to visit.

    3. Will give those crabs a try, thanks!

      And TubaDad wants to fly into DC and stay there for a couple of days before treking to the island (I guess DC is one of the closest airports?). Would be great if we could swing it (depends on his business schedule).

  2. Anonymous4/13/2013

    The orange lunch cracked me up for some reason. You needed orange sherbert or orange pushups for dessert :-)

    I'm with you on the renaming places. The Wild Animal Park here in San Diego changed its name to the San Diego Safari Park...which only tourists use since the rest of us all still insist it is the Wild Animal Park. They did it with our cool Quail Botanical Gardens (now San Diego Botanic Gardens) and our annual Del Mar Fair (now the San Diego County Fair) - apparently they want EVERYTHING to do/see/occur here to include "San Diego" in the name. But again, no one goes for it but the people who don't live here...or the people who made the name changes. Ha ha. Even the employees don't! :-)

    So scary about the rattlesnake at the park! Glad you all (and Dusty) are all ok!

  3. Omg is that the park we all met at on spring break many moons ago? Looks just like it. So scary!

    1. Nope, it's a different park, close to that other one though. I still remember that day we all met at the park. Great time - someone brought rice krispie eggs too, is that right? Was it you? Can't remember.

  4. Fun staycation!

    Hey, how would you phonetically say "Chincoteague"? I loved the book as a child and have never known how to pronounce it.

  5. OK - still not breathing here after hearing about your close encounter with the snake. YIKES!!! Glad all are okay!

    Gotta love BobBob on a run after the girls. I wonder how many miles BobBob had clocked chasing your cuties? Fun contraption!

    Marine World looks like a ton of fun! Wonder if now that your girlies are older we should change up our day for Marine World? We're game!

    Glad you had such a great spring break!

  6. Anonymous4/17/2013

    Hi M3!
    My baby, Chris, took the SAT during Spring Break, then we went to a robotics competition. They grow sooooo fast! We are looking at colleges. I keep pushing SLO!

    1. College?!! How could that be?! Gah. He simply CANNOT be old enough to look at colleges. Breathing, breathing... (Ok, and if college is a must, you can't beat SLO!)

    2. Anonymous4/18/2013

      Both boys are taller than me and shaving! Thank goodness they don't want to drive... yet. Chris may never drive, and he doesn't want to go too far away for school. I gotta make 'home' less comfy or they will never leave!