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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Snazzy toes without the nail salon price

I’m not a pedicure addict. Never have been, and probably never will be at this point. I usually just buy whatever color catches my eye at the drugstore and splash it on. Good enough, plus it leaves my budget free to splurge on more little girls’ clothes! Heh. But the process does take a little longer these days -- whenever I do my toes now, there are 20 more piggies jostling and begging for some color.

This weekend, Ro and I were out on a mama date, and she found these cool polish bottles with teeny tiny skinny brushes. I told her I thought I could use the stuff to make polka dots, and whaddya know, it worked! DSC_7693LRa

If you need some, it’s Nail Art by Milani, comes in at least 10 colors, and is avail at CVS and Walgreens drugstores, among other places. I’m thinking I’ll be all brave and use it to make flowers next time. Well, Ro actually wants a Chinese dragon, but I might just have to leave that one up to the pros.

I had to laugh when I tried to take a picture of our fleet of polish bottles and little Ree jumped in the frame and refused to budge:DSC_7699LRa

And then, of course, her sister just couldn’t resist either:DSC_7701LRsrgb (Note to self: Ro’s cheeks look kinda red here... Ugh. We’ll see what tomorrow brings)

Anyhow, here are Ro’s toes, hot pink with white dots:DSC_7643LRa

And here are Ree’s. Hot pink with purple dots:

This picture doesn’t have a darn thing to do with toenail painting, but I was on the floor getting toe pics and looked up to see these adorable scuffed-up knees that I love:DSC_7690LRa

My toes are sporting Sally Hansen’s “Plum Luck” right now (which is an awesome shade of deep dark purple). What color are you wearing?


  1. Cha-Ching Cherry, my favorite OPI "flavor."

  2. My toes are naked right now...they needed a breather!

  3. OPI BIG APPLE RED!!! I did splurge and get the pedi the other day.... I am trying to figure out how to get Tate to sit still enough to polish her sweet little piggies.

  4. My daughter and I get pedi's once a summer. I get them once or twice a summer because they last forever.

    I will have to look for those bottles with the thin long brushes. I like the idea of trying to do a flower on my toes and my daughter's toes on my own!

    And oh ya, my toes are currently a dark purple too with white flowers :)

  5. Jiao NY8/01/2010

    No color on my toes; I refuse to draw attention to my Fred Flintstone-like slabs of feet.
    FYI nail polish is probably the 1 cosmetic it is ok to share. I read that the formaldehyde in it kills all bacteria. yours all look great!

  6. Shannon (CA)8/01/2010

    Migi Nail Art pens are AMAZING!! Google them...you'll fall in love. and L.A. Colors is another fantastic brand of the art design polishes...have fun tackling another form of creativity!

  7. I like 'Get me to the Greek' by OPI but sadly my toes have some nasty mauvish stuff that I chose a couple of weeks ago and am now too lazy to change. Maybe that will be tomorrow's project...or Tuesday.....or, Wednesday! :o)

    Cute little toetoes and oh so adorable scruffy knees. Hannah found some of Mom's polish the other day and shook it just like Auntie M3 had taught her!

  8. OPI Caviar and Vodka.

  9. I got the wrong order from Elph, so I got a hot pink color and am wearing Walgreens Sinful colors Pink 4 Ever glitter on top. The girls are all about glitter.

    I like the colors you found and will have to look for them next time I am at Walgreens.

    I'm not a pedicure person either. How long do your girls wear nail polish? Mine tend to pick it off after a couple of days. Then they look at my polish which lasts at least a week and ask why I haven't picked it off. LOL. (I don't pick mine off, I wear it till it flakes then use nail polish remover).


  10. Ugly feet do not need any attention drawn to them so I don't paint my toenails. :)

  11. My current favorite, it's called Harmony and is a slightly frosted purple.

  12. A summery coral shade that I just love!
    Pedis are my beauty addiction, thankfully, a little place nearby does it well and not that $$$$ :-)

  13. I think I'm wearing OPI Kinky in Helsinki, but my go to is Smokin' in Havana. I wear their colors just to read the names. If they ever have a naming contest, I'm going to win by inventing a silvery purpley blue (which I'd never have the guts to wear), and I'd name it, "Boom I got your boyfriend".

    I've been meaning to do a McDonald's post, but with all the birthdays, I'm flush with pics!


    Indiana Lori

  14. LOVE pedicures... but i DO need to expand my collection for my daughters' sake-- love the little bottles as i like a bit o funk on the toes:)

  15. I love getting Pedi's, but it's a lot harder to find the time these days. My girls love having their toes done and like Ree and Ro, spend a lot of time and thought on what color to go with :)

    On my toes now: Chinchilly by Essie. Great neutral color. Another fave: Opi's You Don't Know Jacques!

  16. OPI: The thrill of Brazil. LOVE it.

  17. Ya'll's toes look so beautiful! I am all about painted toes. I used to try to paint pretty designs on myself, but then I found out Walmart carries nail stickers. They are so easy and look totally professional. People always comment and assume I paid big bucks for my pedicure. Heh. You and the girls should give them a whirl. Just make sure to use a top coat after or they come off.

  18. OPI Siberian Nights! It's a deep purple almost black! Love it.

  19. OPI Black Onyx for me and on my sweet 3 year old - alternating red and white to match the red and white polka dot dress she wore this weekend.


  20. Funny enough....Rosie Red.

  21. OPI "You Don't Know Jacques," which is the color of...
    Khaki Mud?

  22. I am wearing five different shades of pink, one on each toenail, and repeated on the next foot. The same five are on the fingers, but in the opposite order.

    All of this is courtesy of our resident five-year-old.

  23. I love to change my toe color! I only use ZOYA. The color stays on forever (you let it) and covers in one coat.

    Last week's colors-

    Monday- Divincia (from a wedding over the weekend) LiLi was wearing BeBe and Yasmeen for the wedding.

    Tuesday- Beyonnce

    Thursday- Jasmine (over top of Beyonnce)

    Friday- Yasmeen (again- right over top)

    Sunday- Raine (Fresh toes and starting over)

    During school, the kids love to see what color I come in with that day. Just to be silly, I will even wear different colors on the same day. They REALLY like that!

    Oh- I do my toes myself. ;0)


  24. My color of choice for my toes this summer is "cream blue" (creamy aqua color just by CG). Reminds me of the ocean since I can't get to it this summer :).
    Glad you're having a great summer before your girls start big K. Such cute piggies.

  25. totally adorable.

    also saw this and thought of wela

  26. Oh, we are so buying some of that. R loves her pink and her polka dots for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  27. I'm going shopping!! I recognize several of those nail polish tops! I have probably had 2 pedi's in my life (both gifts) otherwise the girls and I do our own. I'd love the skinny brushes! Nice job!!