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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Psst, this bunny’s peeking at you (easter craft)

DSC_4759LRWe're going to have a big kids' craft table at the egg hunt this weekend, and Peeking Bunny is one of the crafts that will be set up.

I looked through jillions of crafts online and rejected most of them because they were too hard, or too messy, or the materials were too expensive to do with a crowd. I finally settled on a few ideas that the kids could do mostly (or fully) on their own and this cute bunny peeking through handprint grass (idea from here) was one of the crafts that fit the bill. Yay!

If your kids would like to make their own Peeking Bunnies, here’s what we did on our test run:

1. Grab this stuff:DSC_4767LR

2. Flip your plate “eating side down.” Trace three hand prints, cut them out, and glue them to your plate:DSC_4544LR2DSC_4759LRps

3. Cut out 2 bunny ears and glue them to the back of your plate. Reinforce with tape.DSC_4565LRDSC_4570LR2

4. With a crayon, draw eyes and a nose peeking out of the grass. Finally, don’t forget to write your name on the plate. My sample bun is on the left, and Ro’s is on the right.


Does anyone have any good Easter coloring pages or word searches or that kind of thing? I’d like to put some of those on the crafts table as well.

Happy Easter!


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  1. So Cute!

    I like this one: http://www.easter-coloring.com/pages/duck/007-coloring-pages-for-kid.html

    And one that just has a big blank egg shape so kids can design their own egg. You could even draw one out and copy it on your printer if you have that feature.

    Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. Anonymous4/20/2011

    I use this site to print color pages for my grandchildren..
    Alot to choose from...

  3. Anonymous4/20/2011


  4. Or try the Family Fun Printables, I think it is. Don't have a link, but it's the Family Fun site. They always have printables that we have used for every holiday. GL, looks like it will be a nice party.


  5. I just found the VERY BEST SITE for kids crafts the other day!


    Page after page of fun, easy crafts, colour pages and much more!

    For the younger kiddos you might want to try what Hannah and I made last night. Take a while piece of paper and draw/print a large egg shape on it. Fill in the egg shape with glue and then stick the paper Easter grass to it. A great, inexpensive, easy toddler craft if you have any toddlers in your group.

    Have fun!!

  6. PS - the peeking bunny is SO adorable! Will add that one to this weekend's activities. I love crafts that involve our kiddos hands and feet.

    Great job Ro!

  7. We are so making bunnies as soon as I find paper plates!!!

    For printables, I like these:
    Scroll down a bit the first few rows are crafts, but there are printables a bit further down.

  8. I use About.com and get an email every other day with lots of cute crafts in them. This is the one I got today.
    this is the specific link to the Easter crafts which is why its so long. I hope it works for you.

  9. So cute! I know I am crazy but I just went out and bought supplies to do this with my mom's daycare kids and Chloe tomorrow!
    I know I am going to be doing the cutting but the rest seems pretty simple, I hope?

  10. I did this with my class today! And we added pipe cleaners for whiskers. So cute!

  11. We were waiting for the maintenance crew to come fix our disposal today and remembered this craft from your blog. It helped to pass the time and turned out really cute! Thanks for sharing. :)