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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doing Disney with the Aussies

Does anyone remember way back in 2006 when TubaDad and I went to Australia on our babymoon? Well this crazy Aussie blogger actually hopped on a plane and met us in Sydney when we landed. Wild fun! That sweetheart was OziMum, and this week we were lucky enough to see our fave Family H AND get to hang out with a vacationing OziMum and her family at Disney. IMG_0178LR

Here’s the breakfast crew (thank goodness for self timer!):IMG_0179LR
(OziMum, Ro yellow, Ree blue, me, Miss M holding Tiny, TubaDad, Mr T, H-Man)

What a blast. We rode the craziest rides we could find (I’m not sure we found a ride fast enough for Ro and Ree, maybe the Matterhorn came closest), freaked the Aussies out with spicy Mexican food and weird-looking refried beans, and just enjoyed the heck out of ourselves.

I think Ro and Ree found a new lifelong buddy in H-Man, who was up for anything, even the spinning teacups with our iron-stomach daredevils. They nearly sent him over the edge on that one, and afterwards he crawled into his sister’s stroller and moaned piteously. Don’t feel too bad, though, notice his thumb when I asked the girls if the ride got a thumbs up? Hee!:IMG_0221LR

The three of them sat up front for Pirates and loved every second of the ride. Miss M and I sat in the middle and got a little wet, next time I’m Googling which Pirate’s seats don’t get splashed. Heh.:

And I don’t know how many times everyone rode Thunder Mountain, but it was quite popular with all the kiddos. The friendly lizard outside the ride almost became our new house pet. Good thing he was faster than Ro and Ree:IMG_0215LR

Also, my awesome friend Michelle had the day off from work and came to Disney to hang out with us and ride rides! IMG_0224LR

IMG_0244LRI was so excited to see her and she was game enough to wait through not one but TWO Rapunzel lines with us. Yeah that’s right, I said two. You see, Ro and Ree waited through one big ol’ huge line, saw their fave princess, and then noticed that as soon as they left the tower, Flynn Rider walked in. So the very next people in line got to see both Rapunzel AND Flynn. Oh my word, Ro and Ree nearly fainted.

Well they wouldn’t hear of anything but waiting in that line AGAIN so they could see both characters this time. And that is what they did (I say “they” because Michelle and I pulled up a chair in the shade and waited nearby, ahhhhh).25673010000-2LR

Whatever. Gave me more time to talk to Michelle, which is always a really good thing. And after all that waiting we hooked back up with the H Family (who had been tearing up CA Adventures), which was also a really good thing.

Let’s see, there were a whole bunch more rides, enough walking to qualify for a half marathon in my estimation:IMG_0256LR

and then we all went to eat together. Picture a really long table packed with 14 fun people, half of them kids.

After some chowing, talking, playing, IMG_0261LR

and a whole bunch of running,IMG_0263LRIMG_0264LR
we headed for our blessed beds.

Oh, and then we had to get out of bed when the sky started glowing and popping. Yeah that was cool.

Then it was time to climb back into our beds. (I’m not gonna lie, I was soooooo tired.) Next post: Disney Twinvasion 2011! (Previous post was Yep, We Were Visiting the Mouse in case you didn’t catch it.)


  1. How fun meeting up with so many friends at such a fun place. Looks like a ball, we just missed you guys.

    Here's my reply from my last post-
    M3, I wish! Wouldn't that be a sight (4 sets of twins together at Dland). We were there a few weeks ago, just wrapping up my posts. We'll have to plan it sometime, Sophie and Sage would love meeting Ree & Ro. Feel like we've known you for years.

  2. Anonymous5/24/2011

    I'm tired just reading about your adventure. Wow...you know how to pack in the fun! Great photos that captured the wonderful vacation. Cool!

    Aunt Jane

  3. I'm sooo jealous! I hope Ozimum and crew are having a fantastic visit! Tell her to let me know if they are going to find themselves on the east coast.

  4. So. Much. Fun! So glad I could come see you guys, and what a bonus getting to meet two other wonderful families as well. I'm still smiling about it.

  5. Wahoo!! What a great day! When you mentioned you were doing Disney with some Aussies I was hoping it would be OziMum! Yay!! What fun for you to connect in person again now that all your sweeties are home. I'm guessing it was a little louder this time!

    Love that the girls stood in line twice to meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider! We're all about the characters too!

    Loving hearing all about your trip!

  6. You are a much nicer mom than I am! I told my girls they had to pick between Rapunzel and the fairies. I couldn't take spending multiple hours waiting in line to see both.

    They chose fairies and boy did we wait!

    So bummed we're going to miss the twinvasion.

  7. Hi there... I've been following your blog for a while and have to finally say that I think your cutie girlies are the cutest ever!

    Also just to weigh in about this trip... :) it's so great that you live close enough to go every once in a while and clearly - every trip is different ... the girls are into something different every time. and that's good. :)

    also good for time to catch up with friends while you watch the line ... (if they're tall enough, California Screamin' will certainly thrill the girlies with speed!)

    You inspire me.

  8. Very fun and that you got to hook up with so many of your bloggy friends, even better!

  9. Kristina5/24/2011

    You do not know how relieved I am that they like Pirates now!! Thought I had scared them for life when they took their first Pirate boat ride!YO HO!!!

    Can't wait to see what tomorrow's adventure is!HUGS!!

  10. WOW! Looks like an amazing time. So much fun!

  11. It looks like you are all having lots and lots of fun at Disney....and how cool to be able to meet up with Michelle and Ozimom and crew!

    Looking forward to the Twinvasion post:)

    Have a wonderful time~



  12. Anonymous5/25/2011

    Where did you get their yellow and blue ruffled tops?

  13. The tops are from Target. We ran there for "one more roadtrip item" and the girls just had to have them. They're in stores right now.

  14. Dianne, Sophie and Sage {from the top comment} live close to us {they are in our local China Families group}. So, the next time you are out our way, I'll arrange for a little twin meeting ;)

    And reading through these posts, I'm just putting together that way back in 2006 when you were at Disney with bloggers---we saw you there by chance. You had just been out our way that summer, and we were in Disney taking Pearl to the vacay of her dreams. I wasn't blogging at the time, so I didn't put all the pieces together...but it was fun to see you back then and it just takes me a few years to put things all together :)

    It looks like your trip was just perfect. I can't get over how much the girls have grown over the past year.