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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Melted-crayon Easter eggs

Ree and I tested out a new way to color eggs that we saw in our Family Fun magazine and it was a winner. Fun project, no potential for catastrophic messes (like we’ve had in the past when egg dye cups are knocked over, oy!), and cute results.


If you want to make these, here’s how:

First, gather your materials:
1. Eggs
2. Crayola crayons (don’t bother with the dollar-store or no-name ones, we tried them and they were weak!)
3. Something to hold the warm eggs while you’re coloring (we used little silicone cups because they were grippy -- you can also use an egg carton, a mini-muffin tin, or bottle caps)

Now hardboil a bunch of eggs (we put the eggs in a pan of cold water, turn on the heat, and then once the water is boiling remove the pan from the heat and let it all sit for 15 minutes). We also do a LOT of eggs, because we love to crack a bunch open, slather them with salt and pepper, and chow down while coloring.

Use tongs to take the eggs out of the still-hot water and put them in your holders. Now just color on the eggs with crayons. The wax will get all melty and the colors will look fab! We decorating and colored about the top 2/3 of each egg (the parts we could reach without turning the eggs). Then, once the wax had dried, turned the eggs over and colored the bottoms. The bottom parts weren’t as vivid since the eggs had cooled by that point, but looked better than leaving them white or turning the still-hot eggs over and smearing everything*.IMG_0339LRIMG_0347LRDSC_3788LR

Family Fun showed that you could also grate the crayons and sprinkle the pieces over the eggs. That looked really fun -- we didn’t try it this time (lazy mama syndrome) but will next time. And we know we’ll do this project again, because Ro was green with envy that she was off at school and didn’t get to get all creative with the crayons. Cheers!

(*Update: Emy had a GREAT suggestion in the comments that we are SO trying next time. She said: “Maybe you could do the shavings on the inside of the silicone cups that way the bottom would get colored while the top was getting done by the little ones.”)


  1. I may have to run out and get crayons and do this with Maisie, very fun and thanks for sharing.

  2. We are going to have to try this one. Thanks!

  3. Cute, gonna have to try this for sure! Maybe you could do the shavings on the inside of the silicone cups that way the bottom would get colored while the top was getting done by the little ones. :o)

  4. Anonymous4/02/2011

    Gotta love Family Fun projects!

  5. Emy, that is a GREAT idea!! I'm going to add your suggestion to the post.

  6. Thanks for posting my suggestion, hope it works!!! ;o)

  7. I like how the camo/tie-dyed eggs match her shirt!

  8. Brenda4/02/2011

    The best part is little Ree wearing her princess tiara with her blue nails!

  9. Those eggs really do look great! The colors are awesome.

  10. Thanks for sharing. What a great idea! They came out pretty too. I've linked up to your post here: http://play2grow.blogspot.com/2011/04/weekly-favorites-for-april-3-2011.html

  11. This is going to be great to try with the kids. Thanks!ee

  12. Thanks for the tip to use Crayola crayons :) These look so pretty!

    I'm featuring this on my 2 dozen ideas and techniques to dye Easter Eggs today!

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow